Monday, 13 April 2009

White riot

Apparently it's kicking off in Luton Town Centre, with a BNP protest, according to @ukdk on Twitter. - "Scuffles breaking out ..lots of police...horses dogs".

Depressing - this sort of thing used to happen when UKDK played the Luton carnival 25, maybe 30 years ago, with NF skins trying to provoke trouble. More as I hear it.


Guthrum said...

Not Good Not Good at all

Leg-iron said...

If this is real, it's very bad indeed.

Kerry said...

No reason to believe it wasn't real, but looks like it was kept under control without any real trouble. The next flashpoint could be the Luton carnival, on the second bank holiday in May. There always used to be trouble then, but now it's the biggest one-day carnival in Europe, and people come from far and wide - the BNP would be insane to try anything there, but if they're after publicity I wouldn't put it past them.