Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What the world's been waiting for (3)

Here's Harriet's statement, which fleshes out some of the points flagged up by the PM, including the news that MPs will be expected to make more of a contribution towards their pension. Incidentally I already pay £500 or more a month towards my pension; I'm not complaining about it, just pointing it out for the benefit of those people who think MPs get it handed to them on a plate.

I expect we'll end up debating this next Wednesday or Thursday, as on Monday and Tuesday next week it's the continuation of the Budget debate. And I assume it won't be a whipped vote.

More info here, in the Guardian, which also explains the savings to the taxpayer. MPs representing seats within the M25 won't be allowed to claim, and the allowance could be set at about £6,000 pa less than the current second homes allowance although that's simply speculation at this point.

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