Monday, 13 April 2009

Touch me I'm sick

One of my more recent posts, Human, somehow with a wearying sense of inevitability veered off into a discussion of all things libertarian again. (If I ever get more than 20 comments on a post, that's a given). It included a brief discussion of the merits or otherwise of an insurance-based, US-style National Health Service. Here's Theo Blackwell explaining just what would be wrong with that.

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Devil's Kitchen said...


I want to be reasonable about this, but this attitude really, really annoys me.

I loathe this ridiculous argument that there are only two possible health systems in the world, and that if you are anti- the state-payer/state-provider monopoly of the the NHS, then you must automatically support the US system.

There are other health systems in the world -- France, Switzerland and Hong Kong, for instance, have health systems that are rated far higher than either ours or the US system.

Why can we not have a sensible discussion without all of this binary NHS/US, Labour/Tory nonsense?

The world isn't binary, and there are lots of proven better options for both health and education.