Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Random rules

Why are Formula 1 incapable of deciding before the season starts whether a car is legal or not? Rather than suddenly deciding it's illegal because it's winning. Maybe there's a rule which says it's OK to stick funny bits on your car providing they don't work.


Martin said...

Forumula 1? That's not very green.

Dave H said...

We can well understand your perplexity. Are you privately wondering why they don't just introduce:

A) rules that allow everything.

(and just to be sure)

B) rule compliance to be secretly investigated by biased insiders.

Sorted. What's not to like?

Remember Remember said...

Eeerm... LOL!
Where have we seen this kind of thing before?

Another one is writing rules/laws so vaguely that they can be interpreted in a varietry of ways, and then interpret them the harshest possible way when suddenly convenient.

Kerry said...

It's greener than golf.

As for the other two... are you this much fun when you're down the pub with your mates?

timbone said...

"It's greener than golf."


Kerry said...

Golf is apparently the most environmentally-unfriendly sport. Land/water, I guess.

Joe said...

This is basically McLaren and Ferrari having a whinge because they're not up to snuff this year, didn't matter when Schumacher was winning bloody everything. Good luck to Brawn GP and hopfully a drivers championship for Jensen :D

Kerry said...

That's what McLaren have always been renowned for, isn't it - whinging? Although when they let Coulthard go they lost their prime exponent of the art.