Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A professional pirate*

I'm keeping a close eye on what's happening in the Gulf of Aden, i.e. the activities of the Somali pirates. I have a feeling this could be one of those situations where something which starts off as a small localised problem that no-one is paying too much attention to, and ends up triggering something highly historically significant.

*The Muppets!


Cato said...

It has rather become an international situation has it not?

Well, what shall we do? Send Tony Blair?

Let's start a rumour we're going to declare war on the pirates. Tell you what, we'll send McBride to kick it off.

How stupid can anyone be? They're pirates for God's sake. They've already killed people and will kill a lot more unless they're stopped. What do you want to do, talk to them and get them to repent their evil ways? I'm sure they'll listen to you.

Talk to them by all means but in the language they're sure to comprehend....loads of bullets out of loads of guns. They won't pirate again, that's for sure.

Bevanite said...

She's getting some good practice in on here. Communicating with cold blooded, heartless characters who reject any notion of society...I'd say you're ready Kerry.

Kerry said...

Cato, It's an economic issue, it's an environmental issue, it's a security issue. Pirates are disrupting trade, losing people money and endangering the lives of people working on those shipping routes. Other states are dumping waste and over-fishing in Somali waters. Somalia is a lawless country with little control over its citizens and potentially/ already a haven for terrorists.
Kill a few pirates? There will be more. The piracy crisis, for want of a better word, could be the trigger for the international community to finally play its part in restoring peace in Somalia, if only because it's in their economic interests to do so. It's been in their security interests to do so for a long while now.

Cato said...

Bervanite, you really are a bumptious oaf.

If as you say the pirates are causing the havoc, then the answer is simple. Get rid of them. And it's no answer to say there'll be more. They are bullies and there's only one way to deal with bullies.. Smack them and smack them hard.

Kerry said...

Wrong on both counts Cato, but I'm going to blog about it separately.

Bevanite said...

Cato, Who is suggesting brute force and neanderthal techniques are the only way to deal with this complex issue? Sounds pretty oaf-like to me.

I thought you would take my state - worshipping, authoritarian, freedom supressing insults as compliments.