Friday, 17 April 2009

Music when the lights go out

From the Guardian music blog: why do right-on musicians look so bad and/ or make such dreadful music? I think the person who has responded by citing Chumbawumba has kind of missed the point!


September said...

As uncool as it might be, I have to admit that I've seen the Levellers on 3 separate occasions, and their gigs are SO much more fun than more 'fashionable' bands.

And I am not one of the 'anti capitalist neo-hippies' described in this article...quite the opposite in fact.

I saw the Levellers at the Carling in Bristol before Christmas, and compared with the mind numbing boredom of the trendier bands there most of the time, it was brilliant.

September said...

Although, if he was talking about Bob Geldof he might have had more of a point...