Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cries and whispers

Will blog about the Budget later. Got to go and (very reluctantly) do a webcam thingy on it now.

There was a mass exodus of people from the chamber when Nick Clegg got up to speak, and as I headed out I came across Andy Burnham deep in animated conversation with a member of the press gallery. Talking about the Budget, I assumed... then I heard him say, counting on his fingers, 'There's Liverpool, United, Villa'.

Reminded me of the time I overheard James Purnell vigorously slagging someone off to one of the House of Commons doormen. Bit indiscreet I thought. That was football too.


Bevanite said...

Are you sure James Purnell wasn't slagging off the unemployed?
I don't like him. one bit.

Kerry said...

Not even his sideburns?

Bevanite said...

epecially not his sideburns, they add to my suspicion. Who knows what lies beneath them?