Tuesday, 3 March 2009

No hummus for Hamas

Apparently supplies of lentils and chickpeas have been blocked from entering Gaza by the Israelis, on the grounds that they're luxuries not essentials. I've been to the Middle East several times: falafel, hummus - they eat nothing else but chickpeas and lentils. It's like telling Italians they can't have pasta. (Which is banned from entering Gaza too). The alternative explanation is that they're a threat to national security. As a vegan I have put chickpeas and lentils, and indeed pasta, to imaginative use over the years, but I've never endangered anyone's life in doing so.

On a more serious note, the International Development Secretary has been out in Gaza this weekend, and has announced £30m in aid, bringing the total to £47m. And he also called for a relaxation of the restrictions on certain goods crossing the border which, as well as the foodstuffs mentioned above, has also included construction materials and medical supplies.


Old Holborn said...
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Remember Remember said...

All part of the ethnic-cleansing-by-stealth programme.