Friday, 27 March 2009

A new blogger in town

Apologies to Gordon Prentice, but if there has to be one new Lib Dem MP in Parliament after the next election (and there doesn't), please let it be this guy. I particularly like 'Blogging will be light' and 'Is Sadiq Khan MP a terrorist?' And this one 'Why not to become a journalist?' Why not, indeed.

Thanks to Blackburn Labour for alerting me to this work of genius.


Old Holborn said...

Blackburn Labour seem very active on the web at the moment. I left a torrent of abuse there directed at Jack Straw and have since been arrested twice and had a trip to "Morroco"

Interesting times

Jasper said...

Jack Straw says that ID cards will be voluntary, well I'm sorry but that's misleading if not a downright lie. As someone who is employed airside at Manchester Airport I will, later this year, be forced to have a government ID card. No ID card no job. Looks like i'll be signing on this autumn.

Irfan Ahmed said...

Thanks for the link, maybe I shall take Gordon Prentice's job as MP for Pendle but not at 17 I can't!