Sunday, 15 March 2009

It just goes to show you can't be too careful

Strange goings on courtesy of David Mitchell of Mitchell and Webb fame, over here. It might just catch on.


Old Holborn said...


Did you see him on Question Time this week?

He might be paid exclusively by Pravda (ie. ME, controlled by the 646) but he certainly broke ranks.

If you can't rely on him Kelly, you're in REAL trouble.

Ask Derek somebody or other....

Leg-iron said...

Ah yes, that evil Alexander Fleming leaving plates around until they went mouldy and thereby discovering penicillin. Not allowed under modern laws. He'd have been sacked on the spot. We'd have no antibiotic resistance to worry about because there would be no antibiotics.

It just goes to show, you can be too careful.

There's a reason people take risks. Will politicians (of any party) ever see it?

Kerry said...

Who is this Kelly person?

Have you seen today's Sunday Times?
I've signed you up.

aproposofwhat said...

He was terribly disappointing on Question Time, though - the only common sense from the whole panel came from Baroness Warsi.

I'd expected Mitchell to use his wit, but it looks like Webb must write most of their material.

Sorry Kerry, but the man's a Hoon.

yellowbelly said...

It just goes to show you can't be too careful!

Glenn Vowles said...

Sense from Baroness Warsi? Were you watching the program I saw?

What is this common sense thing anyway??

Northern Lights said...

'...self-selecting bunch of inexplicably livid weirdos who infect the comment sections on all websites.'

'...if there's one thing the internet demonstrates it's that a lot of angry people can read. Their writing, on the other hand, needs work.'

'Most people don't comment much online. They're not arrogant enough to think their opinions, or anger, are of general interest.'

...the self-appointed abuse-hurlers are few and unrepresentative...'

Sound familiar trolls? Spot on, as far as I can see.

bevanite said...

NL, that does sound familiar...we should try not to be too harsh to the Tories though.

Bristol Dave said...

Sound familiar trolls? Spot on, as far as I can see.

Speak for yourself.

Dave H said...

You were there ahead of me, NL, he must read this blog, though I'm not sure when dealing with Labour MPs that lividness is 'inexplicable.'

IMHO he was disappointing on QT, though this kills me every time I see it.

Northern Lights said...

Bristol Dave weighs in again with another valuable contribution...the equivalent of the 'I know YOU are but what am I' line of thinking popular with children under 5.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show, you can't be too careful!

Gordon Brown-Nose said...

Northern Lights and Bevanite - can I ask why any comments not towing the party line are dismissed as being "Tory Trolls"?

I expect I'll be accused of the same but here goes. I voted Labour and yes that is past tense. After the shambles of the last few years and the lies I'm ashamed to admit to it now.

IMHO this lot are WORSE than the Major lot we got rid of in 1997. Lies, deceit, mis-management, huge raises in unemployment and debt.

So for you to accuse anyone of putting an opinion opposite of "aren't Labour wonderful" of being a Tory Troll is why, with any luck, Labour are going to get clobbered in May next year. And I didn't think I'd say that.

But hey, you carry on as it will just make me and I suspect many others reinforce what we already think that Labour don't listen and the only think they appear to be good at is name calling.

May 2010
Labour Party

Gordon Brown-Nose said...

...and it just goes to can't be too careful

Dick the Prick said...

Trollery is damdedly boring and torpid, however the perfectly executed and literate gem of abuse is a joy to behold. Insults should be artistic and considered rather than on the 'prat' curve of disrespect. There are loads of people who argue just to argue - Dale's got loads of them, to the extent that whatever he says is inherently wrong.

In the same paper a dude i've never heard of Rafael Behr did a quality article, not in complete rebuke of Henry Porter, but outlining that liberty is rather healthy.

I love it that people can vent spleen and hurl abuse - I just wish they'd try and make it accurate, honest or funny.

I can understand Kerry sticking up for the Labour Party but this freaky polarized affiliation of random bloggers seems odd - quite happy to associate on-line with a party but never joined or helped.

I guess it's a hobby - many a worse thing.

Kerry said...

I thought the Rafael Behr article was excellent. Only reason I didn't post it on here was that little guy on my shoulder saying 'don't feed the trolls'. But what the hell... let's go for it!

Northern Lights said...

It's not a case of not towing the line - the term, or at least the sense in which I use it, refers to people who spout mindless abuse; not those who don't 'tow the line'