Sunday, 8 March 2009

I have, have you? Really?

I have been trying to avoid feeding the trolls. But I can't resist this.


Phil Wilson said...

I haven't lied about any, but I have read five of them (including #1!)

bevanite said...

let's track them, use CCTV ... let's put it to good use, forget targeting criminals, we can validate or repudiate any claims of having read #1.

James Burr said...

The road to Hell is paved with etc.

I doubt many people outright lie about reading the books - after all, what's the point? I'm sure at some point they've shelled out their hard-earned and bought the books (perhaps in a short-lived attempt at self-improvement) and maybe even started them. Virtually everyone I know has "Ullyses" and "A Brief History of Time" on their bookshelves. But the number who've actually finished them is another question entirely.

But at least we know all our MPs have copies of 1984 on their bookshelves now. Scary, wasn't it?

Kerry said...

James - buying it but not reading it = not reading it! And I read 1984 when I was about 14 (it's an angst-ridden teenager's book really, isn't it?) and wasn't scared at all.

Northern Lights said...

Wouldn't it be hilarious if all these libertarians hadn't read 1984?

James - 1984 wasn't frightening at all. I read it as an undergraduate and found it to be a fascinating book.

What is frightening is that some people are paranoid enough to consider it prophetic.

Old Holborn said...

"And I read 1984 when I was about 14 (it's an angst-ridden teenager's book really, isn't it?) and wasn't scared at all."

That sentence, above all others from you, explains pretty much everything.

Thank you

Old Holborn said...


We are Libertarians BECAUSE we have read it AND UNDERSTOOD IT

You are New Labour because you have read it and MISUNDERSTOOD it.

Kerry said...

Just to really wind you up - Jack Straw has been blogging. Off you go!

Northern Lights said...


Use of CAPITALS does not ENHANCE an ARGUMENT IT just makes THE writer LOOK as if THEY do not have THE wit to WIN an ARGUMENT without recourse to SHOUTING to make a POINT.

And I understand 1984 quite well, thanks!

Northern Lights said...

ps. ''Dont feed the trolls''

- I think that's a much better blog title!

Anonymous said...

You are being a bit unfair to poor old 1984 Kerry.

Surely it's a study of paranoia?

Old Holborn said...


I made one comment on his blog and he's shut it down.

ho ho ho

Captain Fun said...

I've read 1984 - at age 10 (no honestly I did !!) - various bits of the Bible, and about half of Midnights Children - but it might have been another Salman Rushdie book, I've only finished one of them.

The thing that enourages most reading is commuting by train. Hence I've read rather a lot of mostly trashy fiction - Stephen King being a particular fave.

Most Headteachers have "The Heads Legal Guide" on their office shelf - few of them have ever opened its pages.

Virtually everyone I know has the Barack Obama book in their handbag. Not me ! (yet !)

Kerry said...

OH - so that says precisely what about your commitment to free speech?

DaveA said...

I will make one of the more honest confessions, I have never read any novel. In the same way I never watch soaps I prefer to read something factual. So my reading includes history, political biographies and poker books. Also essential reading for me is medical papers.

Having to read Wuthering Heights at school put me off. Who really cares about two self indulgent areses wandering the Yorkshire Moors.

I was listening to Radio 4 and they were doing I think David Copperfield, I am sure your erudite readers will put me right. It is the one where a political correspondent gets married and his wife is in the kitchen and is really distraught that they can't afford a maid. She is in floods of tears as a result. Who cares?

Novels completely underwhelm me.