Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Golden Age of liberty is now



Anonymous said...

1. Make guns illegal and people defenceless
2. Subjugate parliament to your will
3. Remove the right to silence on arrest
4. Make citizens prove they own stuff legally
5. Restrict the right to trial by jury
6. Make citizens seek your consent, before they protest against you
7. Increase the amount of time you can detain anyone to say 60 days, without trial or charge
8. Think about admitting evidence in court obtained under torture
9. Ensure a supranational body like European commissioners, that you can neither elect nor dismiss has power to pass laws on a wide range of issues in your country
10. Remove the rules on double jeopardy, so the state can keep prosecuting citizens, for the same alleged crime, until they get the result, they want
11. Pass laws making certain views illegal, like hate-crimes and arrest christians for protesting against what they believe to be state pro-gay propaganda thereby further reducing free speech
12. Have the toughest libel laws in the world, that only the very wealthy can ever access
13. Introduce an ID card, so that not being able to prove who you are, when challenged by the state becomes a crime !!!! even though you know, this will have no impact at all on "terrorism" which is your bullshit to justify it
14. Decide there are countries you kinda don't like, and give out intelligence which is wrong about WMD then just invade them and cause utter carnage and murder on a fucking grand scale and make tough sounding speeches, whilst remaining safely 7,000 miles away yourself
15. Introduce exit visas for your citizens, an e-Berlin wall
16. Rely on a bunch of weak minded dolts to think “Well if you’ve nothing to hide you’ve nothing to fear….and anyway, I’m not a terrorist” whilst they are distracted by televised singing and dancing contests that they get to vote in.

I didn't know you did irony on the blog.

Dick the Prick said...

On a similar vein there was an ace Rd4 prog last night 'the decision' I think, which had peeps stating that democracy has its limits which I guess we can all agree on in some ways.

It's a tough sell as I really dislike the idea of PR. We're obviously still in transition with all this new fangled bloggonet stuff and interspheres which aren't handling meta data sufficiently well to afford knowledge transfer which maximizes efficacy. I have this dream about being able to replicate a library on-line for public service rather than the limitations that google gives rise to.

It's the classic impasse - does liberty & democracy only apply to those that are at the extremes whilst the moderates just get on with it? I dunno - this is a pretty rubbish analysis as i'm avoiding work but it was an ace read and really cheered me up on Sunday.

Remember Remember said...

Lol! Is this some kind of bait to bring all the "extremist, radical" opponents to Labour dicktatorship out of the woodwork and put them on a list for ACPO "Ltd.'s" dissent department?

(Hehehe, if you censor this, I'm right!)

The Grim Reaper said...

The author is either on drugs or has gone mad.

DaveA said...

The internet is the home of true liberty these days. Where you can say what you like virtually unfettered.

Labour will never be forgiven from me for banning a legal pastime on private property. Yes the smoking ban again.

Leg-iron said...

If you like that article, Kerry, you'll love this one.

There's a lot of it about, it seems.