Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chalk it up

For once I find myself agreeing with Henry Porter on this case of the UWE student who has been arrested for chalking civil liberties messages somewhere on the pavement in Broadmead. (For non-Bristolians, that's Bristol West constituency, in the city centre). Although I also agree with Dr Jazz in the comments section, who neatly punctures Mr Porter's self-importance.

The Bristol Evening Post carries a more comprehensive account, which reveals that it was the second time the student had been caught in the act. The first time he'd been let off with a caution. I can't see how a criminal damage charge can stick though. What's been damaged? Who has been harmed?

The other interesting aspect to this story is that he says he was approached by four policeman. Last week the media was debating whether police officers ought to walk the beat alone. rather than in pairs. (On the same day I walked into work at Westminster along the South Bank, and saw four police officers standing together chatting, enjoying the sunshine... nice work if you can get it.) I can understand why police officers would want to patrol in pairs, at least in certain parts of town. But four officers to arrest a lad scribbling on the pavement with a piece of chalk? All it needed was a bucket of water.


Steven_L said...

Too right Kerry!

Imagine all the money we could save if we cut back on skiving in the public sector instead of 'services'.

Years ago, when I was a student, every morning on my way to college there two Volvo T5 traffic cars parked on a flyover. I always used to slow down assuming they were watching for RTA infringements.

One morning my clapped out Ford Sierra clapped out and I ventured up the flyover to ask them where the nearest phone way.

The pair of them were sat in the front T5 with an assortment of Greggs pies and pasties on the dashboard!

Old Holborn said...

"All it needed was a bucket of water."

Schnell, Soldaten, remove der dissent, before ze Fuehrer sees it.

Kerry said...

I think you've now comprehensively proven that your claim to speak German was complete Quatsch.

Martin said...

Paul is a friend of my housemate, Aaron. Aaron tells me that:
"the police searched through his mobile phone, but when he got it back, it turned out all they had done is change the language it was set to- no pictures or anything else was missing".

How strange- was this some sort of intimidation by the police?

Dave H said...

"Schnell, Soldaten, remove der dissent, before ze Fuehrer sees it."

"I think you've now comprehensively proven that your claim to speak German was complete Quatsch."

Of course! It should be ‘remove den Dissent’. Pah! Fluffed masculine accusative and noun capitalisation! Obviously a complete charlatan. Well done Kerry for being sharp enough to spot it! Phew, to think we were almost beginning despair of our MPs!

Go Kerry!

No, I mean it. Please.

Charissa said...

Paul is in court on April 9th.

He has gathered up a lot of support and a chalking protest is planned at 9am outside the Bristol Magistrates Court during his court case.