Monday, 2 March 2009

An academic tells us something we already know

Bristol is once again confirmed as the worst city for transport in the UK.

It is also, according to the Bristol Evening Post "the fourth wealthiest and the fifth most dense". Which seems a little unfair.


Kerry said...

Actually I should point out that Mark Bradshaw has said via Twitter that this is based on out of date info and is old news - it was released last week. No doubt when the improvements Mark and Helen have put in the pipeline come through, the Lib Dems will try to take the credit.

Bristol Dave said...

I wouldn't trust a word Mark Bradshaw says, frankly. Appointing somebody who is so obviously fervently anti-car as a transport minister was bad enough, but does he have to be quite so arrogant in the process?

I can barely watch any webcast featuring him as I feel inclined to throw my computer out the window as he indirectly tries to make me feel so guilty for daring to drive a car.

I don't hold out much hope for the "improvements" (and I use that term very loosely) - designating some bus routes as "showcase" and a half-baked BRT scheme paid for with a (strangely non-mentioned) congestion charge? Yeah, that'll fix everything, for sure.

Chris Hutt said...

"No doubt when the improvements Mark and Helen have put in the pipeline come through, the Lib Dems will try to take the credit."

Something Labour Party politicians would never do.

Kerry said...

We'd be entitled to do so. What great expectations do you have of the Lib Dem leadership Chris?

Glenn Vowles said...

Cllr Jon Rogers is already taking an approach which appears to be more open, interactive and responsive. Long may this continue.

By the way Kerry the evidence in this report hardly boosts those 'green credentials' you claim Bristol has. Clearly the most sustainable city in the UK should be doing much better transport-wise. Tell you something about the way Forum for the Future assess 'sustainability' does it??

Chris Hutt said...

What I meant was that Labour would never claim credit for benefits deriving from work done by a previous administration, like the sound economy which you inherited from the Tories in 1997. Would you?

Anyway the "improvements that Mark and Helen have put in the pipeline" were mostly already there prior to Labour taking over in 2007, as Mark Bradshaw was quick to point out when one of those "improvements" (BRT on the Railway Path) spectacularly back-fired.

My expectations of the Lib-Dems is that they will more willing to listen to and debate with those of us who are outside the incestuous and exclusive Partnership structures that the Labour group regarded as so important.