Friday, 27 February 2009

Today was a busy day

Today started with a three hour session at the Council House, chairing an LGIU inquiry into cycling - how can we encourage and facilitate cycling, what local action is needed, what national action, etc. They've already been to a few other places, and consulted widely, and the results will be published before the end of March.

Then did a quick interview with GWR about the Home Affairs Select Committee's visit to Bristol on Monday, as part of their ongoing inquiry into knife crime. They're holding a roundtable event at the Trinity centre, in my patch, and I'll be there to observe.

Then a photo-shoot at the Cathedral for the Fairtrade Fashion Show, with Douglas, on his second recent visit to Bristol. (His day consisted of an event in Islington, train to Bristol, photo-op, mosque visit, students at uni, event in Bristol North West, fashion show, fundraising dinner, train back to London - interspersed with interviews, phone calls and the Blackberry. And taking kids to school. So mine was a walk in the park by comparison).

The mosque visit, in St Marks Road, was a discussion with local Muslims about the humanitarian aid effort in Gaza; much of what Douglas told them (£246m in aid to Palestine, and a further £27m to Gaza in recent weeks, calling for a ceasefire, etc) was met with the response 'but why aren't you telling people you're doing this?' The answer is - we are, but obviously need to do it again and again.

After the mosque I did a fairly brief surgery along the road at the Sikh Resource Centre, then popped into the best shop in Bristol, the Sweetmart. Ten minutes at home to dump shopping and get changed, then off to the Cathedral again. A fabulous setting for a fashion show, and good to see local and national NGO stalls there too. Had a really good chat with Sir Steve Redgrave's business partner. Had no idea he was in the fairtrade clothing business. Douglas officially opened the event, but refused to model any of the outfits, despite my entreaties.

Finished off the night with a Labour do at the Tikka Flame. Fair few Labour councillors there, and in good spirits despite this week's events. Tomorrow it's the National Policy Forum and the South West Labour Regional Conference. Will be 'doing' both.


Lawson Narse said...

How many bikes are produced in this country?

Would Bicycle production increase, in the UK, prevent obesity amongst adults and their progeny?

Do you agree that chocolate is the best thing since sliced bread?

Will cycling increase or decrease my desire for chocolate?

Pot Noodle or Chips?

Goodnight Vienna said...

Kerry, to be elected as Member of Parliament in order to represent your constituents is a great honour. But, what do you actually believe in?

In this post you’ve covered cycling; a ‘round table event’ on knife-crime (lots of serious faces and nodding heads); a visit to a mosque; then your “fairly brief” constituency surgery followed by shopping and a fashion show.

Shot by Both Sides is a fair description, though a better name might be ‘Shot by All Sides’.

Kerry said...

LN - don't know; not unless they ride them; sliced bread is not a good thing but chocolate (the proper sort) most definitely is; increase I would think; chips.

GV - Bristol has £22m to spend on being a cycling city, which will contribute to tackling traffic congestion, environmental and public health issues. So I think it's worth spending a few hours on. Visit to the mosque to talk about Gaza - not sure how anyone could dismiss that as insignificant. Brief surgery - shorter than usual, but still saw quite a few constituents, some with serious problems. Fashion show - fair trade, and supporting local college. As for the shopping - ten minutes and even MPs have to eat!

As for what I believe in - how about reading some other posts? Or checking out Hansard/ theyworkforyou? Or my website? It's a bit silly to take one post in isolation. Otherwise you could just as easily assume all I care about is squirrels.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Kerry, I've read your blog but all I hear is hot air and I can't argue against that.

Kerry said...

Other people seem to manage it.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Cheap shot

Goodnight Vienna said...

I'd still like to know whether you truly believe on New Labour. You obviously believe is some things so why not cross the floor to the LibDems?

Hot air is what we get all the time - it blows in our face and we instinctively avert our gaze.

Kerry said...

The Lib Dems? Tell me what they believe in, because I've never managed to work it out.

Northern Lights said...

Oh please...what do the Lib Dems believe in???

I'm sick of this ridiculous idea that Lib Dems are somehow more principled than other parties.

It's a notion born out of the fact that Lib Dems are never in a position to be in government, and being in government means taking difficult decisions.

In other words, never being in government allows them to make all sorts of ridiculous policies, safe in the knowledge that no one takes them serious enough to put them in power.

And before someone mentions PR just think for a second about who would benefit most from that.