Sunday, 1 February 2009

Shot, shot by both sides...

I'm wondering if there's any way I can actually get this site to play the riff from Shot by Both Sides - officially the best guitar riff ever - whenever someone logs on? That would be great, wouldn't it? Especially if people were skiving at work.


Anonymous said...

Especially if people were skiving at work.

You mean those that still have a job after you and your ilk have wrecked the country.

Kerry said...

Please tell me - why do you bother?

Northern Lights said...

The best guitar riff ever?

It's not even close!

I could name a hundred riffs better than that one!

timbone said...

"officially the best guitar riff ever"

Kerry, you may be feisty, you may at times be textually agressive standing up for your principles, but surely not arrogant, self opinionated and thoughtless.

You could say "this guitar riff reminds me of happy times so it is the best ever for me" or "in my own humble opinion this is the best guitar riff ever but I have not heard every guitar riff ever so with the greatest respect I may be wrong" - but no!! "officially the best guitar riff ever"

Kerry, how could you. With all the nice things I have said about you on Paul Flynn's and Tom Harris's blogsites, and Freedom2Choose forum, and what happens.

Kerry said...

You may of course have your own views on this. But you'd be wrong.

Dazed and Confused said...

Magazines - "Shot by both sides" reminds me of watching amphetamine driven "Punk rockers" going at it hell for leather, flying around the dance floor back in the day.

Is there something you'd like to share with us Kerry?

Are you in fact Nancy Spungen in disguise?

For my money I much prefer the Only Ones riff of "Another girl another planet", where new wave/punk musics concerned....but each to their own I suppose..

By the way, if you'd like to upload a song/part of a song - or even it's riff onto your website then www playlist will explain as to how.

I would help you more, but what can I say! - your New Labour and I'm not!

Kerry said...

No, I'm Poly Styrene.

Another Girl Another Planet is a great song but not sure if it counts as a riff or just great guitar widdly bits all the way through. And if I called the blog Another Girl Another Planet I think I might be asking be trouble.

I believe Howard Devoto has been lured out of his library and Magazine are doing some gigs this year. Jonny Boy won't go with me because he thinks they were a bit 'new wave' (i.e. not punk enough).

The Bristol Blogger said...

Isn't the official best guitar riff ever 'Shakin' All Over' by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates?

Kerry said...

You might think so. But you'd be wrong.

I am just waiting for Northern Lights to suggest Sweet Child O' Mine. At which point he will be banned for life.

Dazed and Confused said...


Yeah, Magazine are reuniting for five shows in mid February, taking in Glasgow, Manchester and London but in my own humble experience, when you attempt to revisit the past after many Years away, especially where rock groups are concerned, it's never the same for either the group or yourself, and you may as well go and see a tribute band as they sound just as good if not better than the genuine article.

You've stirred my consciousness though in mentioning that you wouldn't really think it wise to call your blog "Another girl another planet" because of the connotations that would undoubtedly follow, but it's got me thinking, what song or riff could readily describe other members of your profession if they themselves were to engage in a blog?
With a "Rhythm of Cruelty" I can think of quite a few honourable members from all sides of politics that the "Pretty Vacant" intro could quite easily suit, and I'll be banned forthwith if I dare to let the "Light pour out of me" in regard to some of my other thoughts regarding this particular subject. Perhaps we should just "Talk about the weather" instead. How about that "Permafrost" then, awful isn't it?

"Song from under the floorboards" - now who could that little ditty be attributed too? - Hmmmm - After recent allegations, certain members of the upper house perhaps? - Perhaps this will teach them a valuable lesson as not to "Feed the enemy", or they may well find themselves in the "definitive gaze" of the general public, and that's certainly not a "Motorcade" that any noble lord wishes to find themselves traveling with.

Kerry said...

Be careful, I got into trouble on here for saying the Sex Pistols reunion was rubbish.

If I was being mean I'd suggest "Give me Everything" for certain peers. And 'Goldfinger' for Lord Ashcroft.

As for 'Song From Under the Floorboards'... "I am angry, I am ill and I'm as ugly as sin/ My irritability keeps me alive and kicking..." Hmm...

Northern Lights said...

Oh come on give me some credit!

'Welcome to the Jungle' is the best GnR riff, however I would suggest one of the following:

1. Rude Mood - SRV
2. Pinball Wizard - Who
3. Rebel Rebel - Bowie
4. Black Dog - Led Zep
5. Sweet Home Alabama - LS
6. All Along the Watchtower
7. Mama Kin - Aerosmith
8. Summer Song - Joe Satriani
9. Back in Black - AC/DC
10.Rock & Roll Star - Oasis

ps. is 'guitar widdlie bits' the technical term?

I just can't believe no one has said Smoke on the Water.

Kerry said...

And you think Sweet Home Alabama is an improvement? And isn't Rebel Rebel just a rip off of Brown Sugar? (Which reminds me, fact fans - the guitar on Knock on Wood is In The Midnight Hour played backwards, but it's OK because they're both Steve Cropper).

Have realised that the version of Shot by Both Sides I've linked to is a weaker rendition that the one I've got (on the EP with Give me Everything, Goldfinger and something else I can't recall at the moment).

I have checked with Jonny Boy, the guitar guru, and he has confirmed that widdly bits is the correct technical term. He throws people out of the shop when they start widdling.

JYD said...

I think you'll find Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions is the best guitar riff ever.

Hello BTW, I've just moved down to Bristol and you're my new MP. Got to say that I'm particularly impressed with the blog and already I prefer you to my previous MP - The Demon Headmaster himself, The Rt Hon Jack Straw.

Keep up the good work, I'll be reading regularly.

Kerry said...

See now you've put me in a difficult position, and I can't say what I really think about your taste in music.

I prefer Like a Hurricane by Neil Young, which has some of the best guitar playing ever, but wouldn't call it a riff.

philatkin said...

Well, having spent the last week playing nothing but Shot by Both Sides on my geetar I have to say, it's up there as one of the best riffs of all time. Along with Boredom, obviously.