Saturday, 14 February 2009

Jetting off

Feeling a bit guilty about flying to Zambia later today, although it's very much a work thing. Still, at least I'm doing better than Prince Charles. And I will be leaving my entourage behind.

I normally travel very light but this time I've been given several England football shirts, some sports bags and some (deflated) footballs which take up half the suitcase already. The football stuff is for us to take out to a boys school, which is linked to the UK through the International Inspiration programme. As part of the 2012 Olympic bid we said we'd work with 5 countries, each on a different continent, to help promote sports amongst young people - Zambia was the African country chosen.

I will also be visiting a clinic, the Zim-Zam border, and an open mine. I think the copper mine will be fascinating, although slightly worried as they've just got in touch asking for my shoe size and coat size for the protective gear; I suspect there aren't many Zambian copper miners with size 2 feet. Even when I went along to the laying the foundations ceremony at Brislington school I had to wear size 6 wellies, which along with the protective goggles and the fluorescent lime green waistcoat (also several sizes too big) made for a particularly attractive photo op.

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Dick the Prick said...

Pop yer union hat on and yer won't go far wrong. Have a gud un.