Sunday, 8 February 2009

Celeb friends

I've just got an email from the drummer from Blur!* Wants me to sign this EDM:

EDM: Bank Bonuses

That this House notes with concern the desire of state-supported banks to pay large bonuses to senior executives at a time when tax payers have provided a subsidy to those banks in excess of £37bn; further notes the regular reports of job losses around the country in sectors less generously supported by tax payers; and calls for the Government to consider measures to limit banking salaries and bonuses until the British economy reaches stability.

* aka the Labour PPC for the Cities of London and Westminster seat.

And no, never met him. Think I saw Blur live once. Supporting someone or other. Was trying to remember today, reading about the death of Lux Interior, whether I ever saw the Cramps live. I think I did. Used to see loads of bands, they all tend to blur into one, if you'll excuse the pun.


Old Holborn said...

I used to be in quite a famous band - really.

Do I get to raise EDM's?

Guthrum said...

A bit late for all this, instead of rushing to give them buckets of our cash, resolve these issues first along with the unfair charges test case going through the Courts for the last two years.

If RBS et al had been put into liquidation the good bits saved as regional banks under new management, these political embarrassments would not have happened.

Unless you are going to tear up the law of Contract, these bonuses will have to be paid, otherwise face years of litigation.

Kerry said...

Bonuses aren't usually a contractual entitlement, but promissory estoppel could be a problem (a lawyer writes).