Sunday, 18 January 2009

What's the frequency Kenneth?

So Ken Clarke is to return to the Tory front bench as Shadow Business Secretary. Can we assume he's giving up his business interests then, and taking a whopping pay cut? Although it didn't stop Alan Duncan.


Old Holborn said...

A business secretary? Unlike Mandleson?

Ye Gods. This man smokes. Why hasn't he been arrested?


Kerry said...

And does business in Burma.

Miller 2.0 said...

Hi Kerry.

Do you know the story behind the REM song?

Kerry said...

Yes... someone semi-famous in the States got beaten up and as it happened the person administering the beating kept saying 'What's the frequency Kenneth' even though he wasn't called Kenneth. Is that right?

Dick the Prick said...

I didn't realize Letwin was a director of NM Rothschild.

The Penguin said...

Are you jealous that Dear old Ken has made good from humble beginnings?

He did have one stroke of luck, though. When he went to Secondary School, it was a direct grant maintained grammar school. Later this was abolished by your marxist-fascist party, so Ed Balls parents had to pay handsomely to have Blinky educated there. (Lucky for Ed, as he'd probably not have passed the 11 plus!)

Mandy and Gordon have been really looking forward to having Ken back, dontcha know?

The Penguin

Kerry said...

No I'm appalled that he's 'made good' on the back of flogging cigs to kids in developing countries and doing business with the Burma regime, and seems to have no qualms about having done so.

Paul said...

Somewhere it my deep history I seem to remember him being health secretary cutting ambulance services and much more besides