Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I've got topical question 1 at Defra Qs tomorrow. Probably going to ask about the RSPCA's "rooting for pigs"campaign, although I think Richard Bacon asked something similar at PMQs today. Couldn't quite tell as Tory MPs were laughing too loudly at the idea of someone called Bacon asking a question about pork.
I just about squeezed in during extra-time at PMQs today. My question was about Bristol's ambitions to be the European Green Capital and being annointed the UK's most sustainable city, not to mention making it into the Top 10 Cities to visit in 2009... and did he agree that green jobs and sustainable development are key to getting us out of the economic downturn? He says he's going to visit Bristol very soon. And yes on green jobs too - there are announcements pending.


Martin said...

"Couldn't quite tell as Tory MPs were laughing too loudly at the idea of someone called Bacon asking a question about pork."

Yeah, sounds about par for the course for Cameron's cons.

I hate Vista said...

Nice to see the Tories have a sense of humour. Now if Labour had one--Oh sorry I just realised they have, Gordon Brown running the country.

Glenn Vowles said...

I'd very much welcome a comprehensive and coherent plan to create a green economy. Growing numbers of economists eg the authors of the Green New Deal, and at the UN, are saying that investing heavily in efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, reduction, reuse and recycling of waste, building stronger local economies and communities with local production for local needs, is by far the best way to direct our efforts. After all we currently have intimately entangled, mutually reinforcing economic and environmental crises.

However, there is no such plan available from Gordon Brown's Labour Govt.. Where is what should be top priority, a plan to insulate all homes free of charge for instance (its something that self-evidently pays for itself in saved energy and thus lowered bills)!?

The lack of a real green plan is surely no surprise to anyone given that Mr Brown spent over a decade as Chancellor before his period as PM and we're certainly no greener now than when he came to power!! By the Government's own figures carbon dioxide emissions are higher now than ten yrs ago for instance. Current Brown plans in favour of building more coal fired power stations, the expansion of airports, the building of hundreds of miles of new roads, more nuclear power stations cannot considered green.

Looks like PM Gordon Brown's plans are pefectly consistent with his past actions as Chancellor doesn't it - definitely more Brown than green!

Chris Gale said...

I found it depressing and obnoxious listening to MPs chortling about bacon today and words about the 'welfare' of pigs who are treated as mere commodities.
Pigs are intelligent, sociable creatures that suffer greatly for human gluttony. Their reward is to have their death laughed over by politicians.
Oh for the day when a political leader says 'you know what how about not confining and killing animals for food?'
I often doubt I will see that in my lifetime. Today was another reason to doubt.

Kerry said...

Well later today a vegan MP will be asking a vegetarian Secretary of State about this issue. And unless you want to criminalise eating meat - which perhaps is what you're advocating? - then I think we have to talk about the welfare of animals, don't we? If I ask a question about the welfare of pigs, does it mean I'm advocating eating bacon or pork, or in any way complicit in the eating of such animals? No.

Glenn Vowles said...

Approval for a third runway at Heathrow part of the Brown plan for greening the economy???

Chris Gale said...

I did not mean that. I was just making an observation on how far we have to go.