Tuesday, 13 January 2009

"The NHS - All shook up"

This is happening tomorrow:

"Parliament and the NHS will be 'All Shook Up' January 14th by Elvis and Friends

Parliament and the NHS will never be the same again after the start of a campaign on January 14th 2009 to introduce 'Entertainment' as a permanent feature of the Health Service. Entertainment will act as an additional treatment to standard procedures to improve the hospital environment, save £millions on drugs, aid recovery time and make hospitals more people friendly, less intimidating and daunting institutions for patients and staff.

There will be SIX Elvises and FIVE Celebrity Lookalikes entertaining MPs and Lords outside Parliament then cancer patients and hospital staff at UCH as the catalyst to introduce Entertainment into every UK Hospital. We will have Diana Ross, Joan Collins, Sven Goran Erikson, Joe Pasquale, Billy Connolly, Elvis Shmelvis, Sicilian Elvis, Geordie Elvis, Lee 'Hounddog' Jackson, Jasper Roberts and Mark Goddard giving their time for free and at their own expense

Call me an old miserabilist but if I was a cancer patient in hospital I'm not sure a visit from Joan Collins or Joe Pasquale, or even a gyrating Elvis lookalike would be quite what I needed. And Diana Ross would be just plain scary.


Old Holborn said...

The NHS kills more people than traffic in the UK

Clams Linguini said...

This is just another ploy, like having a telly blaring in every ward, to make hospitals even more unpleasant. Who wouldn't prefer their gallstones to that kind of entertainment.

Remember Remember said...

Indeed OH. And next to the NHS and bad drivers "terrorism" barely features in fatality statistics.

I wonder how many lives could have been saved if the money could have been spent on the NHS instead of fighting Israel's enemies and turning Britain into a Surveillance state.

I gather we participated in the killing of 1.2 MILLION Iraqis, how ironic that today there are high quality Iraqi doctors SAVING british lives in the NHS today (saw it with my own eyes).

Anonymous said...

Indeed, RR. How do you think we in Britain can get so many doctors, nurses and other staff who are so desperately needed in their countries? Simple. By manipulating conditions such that life there is so miserable, dangerous and impoverished that anyone who can leave will.

That way we don't need to bother training anyone to do anything, leaving a massive client underclass and vote bank which also keeps wages low. Bonus!