Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lib Dems - who's up and who's down

My attention has been drawn to a survey of Lib Dem members, carried out by Lib Dem Voice, on the performance of the Liberal Democrat shadow cabinet. This was pre-reshuffle - doesn't look as if Nick Clegg paid much attention to it.

Top Five:

Vince Cable : +94%

Chris Huhne: +67%

Norman Baker: +64%

Lynne Featherstone: +57%

Norman "Normal" Lamb +45%

And those bringing up the rear:

Edward Davey -6%

Stephen Williams: -16%

Roger Williams: -18%

Nick Harvey: -18%

Michael Moore: -26%

Michael Moore is the party's international development spokesman (or, as they style it on their website, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development - delusions of grandeur, I think). Interesting that his performance has been marked down to such an extent, but reflective I think of their lack of anything significant to say on the issue.


Paul said...

Can you remind us who Stephen Williams -16 is

Kerry said...

Dunno. It rings a bell...

Northern Lights said...

I haven't even heard of half of these people!

Kerry said...

You can probably exist very happily without knowing.