Thursday, 8 January 2009

"He was just trying to be cool"

I'm told that Gordon said on Radio 5 Live today that 'there was more chance of Scotland reaching the World Cup Finals this year than there was of being a General Election'.
In celeb news, Cheryl Cole is revealed to be a Labour supporter, and Mr Motivator joined Gordon at Number 10 this morning to promote GMTV's fitness campaign... sadly Gordon didn't don a fluorescent leotard and headband for a workout with Mr M, though he did say he'd already had an early morning run. I think Government ministers should set an example to us all and precede each Cabinet session with a mass aerobics session in St James' Park.

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DaveA said...

You can always spot the Labour supporters like Cheryl Cole with Girls Aloud and her stint on the X Factor, being on the minimum wage is such a burden.