Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Feet First

I'm sure I could have come up with a better title, given time... Anyway, First Bus are making 'eco'-boots out of their old seat covers and tyres. "They are a must have for the fashion conscious environmentalist", says the MD of First. So there you go, Glenn. £70 and they're yours. I liked this comment: "The perfect excuse for when you turn up late for work, blame the shoes!!!!"

Shame they've got leather in them, although it is from "re-purposed chequebook wallets from a high street bank". Re-purposed is a new one on me. Paul, you're the expert - explain the difference between recycled, re-used and re-purposed please. (Paul is, I assume, on his way to the Furniture Re-use Network's Conference in Cheshire at the moment so we might have to wait a few days for a response).

Given the economic downturn, I wonder if Smythson's luxury lizard skin credit card holders will be "re-purposed" for the ultra-exclusive, deluxe limited editions?


Kerry said...

Actually I see Glenn is already on the case, and has made what is probably the only serious comment on the post. Here it is, and he's right, but still think you could have squeezed a pun or two in there Glenn!

"It's notable that Justin Davies, First's MD is keen to stress the company committment to sustainability, including its waste management programme and climate change strategy via the side issues of recycled shoes. Of course the major thing First can do to show their committment to sustainability is to run bus and train services of good quality, on a decent number of convenient routes, and at affordable prices! This is not something they are doing at all well at present and the production of shoes from recycled buses wont go anywhere near making up for the poor service. Should First be running our bus and train service at all??"

Anonymous said...

Eco-boots by First Bus? Excellent.

When you and Dawn go see MD Justin next time you can kick him in the bollocks and save the planet at the same time. It's a win-win.

It'll do wonders for your ecological footprint too.

Remember Remember said...

Would a mix of sand and cement be vegan enough for footwear?

Glenn Vowles said...

'... still think you could have squeezed a pun or two in there Glenn!'

Yes I suppose so but plenty of people had already done that by the time I got to the story.

No-one has said what I said (and what I said was printed in todays Evening Post) so I suppose I have countered the 'greenwash' from First a bit.

Paul said...

Paul, you're the expert - explain the difference between recycled, re-used and re-purposed please.


Recycled - an item is broken back down to its component parts and made into something new

Re-used - An item is kept as is (sometimes with some repair, cleaning etc) and its life is continued or extended

Repurposed (or remanufactured) an item is made into something else

Environmentally recycling is the worst of these, re-use and repurposing vie for the top spot, re-use probably wins as there is less of a reprocess and manufacture involved which requires energy and also waste

Kerry said...

There ends the free advertisement for the Furniture Re-use Network!

Thought as much, but always good to have expert verification. Does that mean bubble and squeak is re-purposed Sunday roast? Or simply re-used? I suppose its use/ purpose is still the same...

Paul said...

re-purposed and also disgusting