Saturday, 13 December 2008

Twittering AND Facebook

I think I'm right in saying that I can use Twitter to do Facebook status updates, can't I?


Anonymous said...

You can. You can also use to update both, and myspace.

If you are using twitter for facebbok then you'll want to turn off the @replies, assuming you're conversing with people.

Kerry said...

What does the @replies thing do?

Thanks by the way, very helpful. And you're right about Facebook.

Michael said...

If you use @XYZ in your twitter message then the user "XYZ" will receive a copy of your message in their "@replies" tab.

@KerryMcCarthy Did you get my letter?

Then you will get a copy of Bristol User's message in your @Replies tab.

Anonymous said...

Exactly as Michael described. You can also use multiple @replies to reference different people. Like @KerryMcCarthy did you get @BristolUser's letter. That way both will see the message.

The twitter/facebook link is currently down.

The other things you will probably find adds more value to your twitter use will be a client of some kind (I've no idea about Windows clients, although I use one called Spaz that works across all platforms. Others swear by tweetdeck), and a decent URL shortening service. With 140 characters to a message you can use something like to shorten a URL, and thus save space.