Saturday, 13 December 2008

Something more interesting going on somewhere else

Interesting debate on copyright issues going on over at Tom's blog, sparked by him posting a Mariah Carey YouTube video. (Some would think liking Mariah Carey is by far a more serious 'crime'). Don't want to hijack his issue, so comment over there if you're interested (and be nice!) Just thought it was a subject worth drawing to people's attention.

While we're talking about other MPs' blogs, Lynne Featherstone has come in for a bit of stick after mentioning on her blog that she called out the fire brigade when her boiler started making horrendous noises. I know nothing about boilers (though I did change a fuse in the plug-in radiator the other day, which deserves a second mention on here, and may well get a third). So I have no idea whether she was right to panic. But I like the fact she blogs about her life, rather than just pontificating on issues of the day (John Redwood, take a bow). And when the Tory who is trying to make this a big deal says 'She advertised the fact she is dizzy on her blog, which is even more stupid' I'm even more inclined to take Lynne's side. For obvious reasons.

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