Saturday, 6 December 2008

Rubbish TV

I've been investigating MPs on YouTube. Liam Byrne has his own Rubbish TV. And no, it's nothing to do with Jeremy Kyle.


Old Holborn said...

On my travels through the news this morning, I spotted a gem tucked away in the Times.

Will you be better or worse off?

Worse off will be working couples with no kids (£-2208), working couples with kids (-£1466), single working people (-£1281) and single unemployed people (-£297).

Better off will be Karen Matthews, non working couple with kids (+£2901), Tracey Connelly or the Sheffield rapist, single unemployed parent (+£2491).

Labour are using YOUR money to breed more benefit dependant feral filth and punishing you for having a job and living a “normal” life. Labour hates you. Presumably because you don't need them to get on in this world.

Northern Lights said...

Interesting how Old Holborn doesn't mention that pensioners are better off isn't it?