Sunday, 21 December 2008

Review of the Sunday Papers

While I wait for the invitation that never comes....

The Sunday Times: the Hokey Cokey is a 'faith hate crime'; News of the World: Triple Trouble - Britain's Youngest Dad of Three in Love Split; Mail on Sunday: Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter's future mother-in-law is arrested on drugs charges; Sunday Mirror: Fury as OAPs are given egg sandwiches and crisps for council Christmas dinner; Indy on Sunday: results of the Most Ludicrous Briton poll

Have to say, Indy readers seem a rather bizarre lot, unhealthily obsessed with Radio 4 announcers and operating on a rather loose definition of 'ludicrous'. The strapline says "It was never going to be easy, deciding who or what winds us up the most", which basically means it's more Grumpy Old Men stuff:

No. 403 - 'Rap–rapping, pose–striking, knife–wielding, gun–toting, homophobic urban yoof'
No. 132 – 'Personal stereo owners who broadcast to the rest of the train'
No. 129 – ''EastEnders' characters who scream and shout all the time'
No. 59 – 'Golf spectators who shout, "Get in the hole!"'
No. 54 – Head of Service – Inclusion and Participation Strategy and Commissioning. (What?)

And then there's No. 75 – 'Middle–aged 'Doctor Who' fans'..... Do we know any?

As for Bagpuss at No.4. Poor old baggy old saggy old Bagpuss - what's he done to deserve that?

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