Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I hesitate now to say anything about PMQs, in view of the previous post, but it was great fun today. OK, it was slightly unfortunate for Gordon to declare that 'we saved the world', (Tony would have turned that into a joke, saying something like, 'No, that on tomorrow's To Do list'). But Cameron simply can't sustain six questions in a row on the economy, and Gordon's 'let me teach you something' is very effective. Speaking of which, did anyone see Boy George being Paxmanned last night? Painful.

Funniest moment at PMQs though was when Nick Clegg absolutely walked into it, starting his first question with 'A single mother and her two children came to my surgery....' He should know by now not to mention women. At all. Ever.


rapunzel said...

Yes, saw Boy George. I was almost embarrassed, especially every time he said: "And we're gonna ..."
The elocution lessons appear to be having an effect.

Kerry said...

I noticed that, and Cameron is doing it too. Maybe Guy Ritchie's mother - that well-known Tory activist - has put them in touch with her son for a few lessons in Mockney?

Bristol Dave said...

I laughed at Gordon's "Saved the world" comment - I think it was more than just a slip and was very telling.

As for his "let me teach you something" comments - I must say this comes across as, more than anything else, painfully arrogant.

Kerry said...

And Cameron is, of course, modesty and humility personified.

Bristol Dave said...

No, Cameron's just as bad.

My enemy's enemy is not my friend.