Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Plea for help from a fellow blogger

Please take a look at this, from Labourhome.


The Penguin said...

Surely poor Alex can ask one of the many rich champagne socialists in the Labour Party?

I believe Blair has made a few millions lately, for example?

The Penguin

Steven_L said...

What idiot would transfer their hard-earned cash to a stranger online?

Surely there's enough lawyers in the Labour Party who could help him out? Half the people in the Commons seem to be lawyers these days.

This isn't the first blogger I've seen requesting his/her readers wire them cash to help out with some sob-story either.

People who do this are begging in my opinion, and people who send them the money are deranged!

Kerry said...

He's not a stranger to many people, I guess. No-one is asking you to contribute if you don't want to. But perhaps some of your anger could be directed at the guy who is suing him?

DaveA said...

Iain Dale the Tory has advertised his cause on his blog too, despite descibing Hilton as a "shit".

The Bristol Blogger said...

I know who Alex Hilton is and I completely disagree with him on many things and he would probably completely disagree with me.

But I completely support his right to disagree with whoever the hell he chooses without this country's disgraceful libel laws stopping him for no good reason.

If these laws can do him over they can do the rest of us over.

If I had money I'd send him some. I don't. So instead I'll mention what's being done to him on my blog.

Best I can do I'm afraid.

Steven_L said...

I am not angry with anyone. Nor do I prejudge the merits of the case. The matter is ultimately for a court to decide.

For all I know there might be a perfectly good reason he is being sued.

Anyway, it might wake a few bloggers up to the fact that blogging is not above the law.

It wouldn't surprise me if sooner or later a few copyright owners start similar actions.