Monday, 8 December 2008

Plastic eating pigs

I suppose no-one's going to pay much attention to my views on the pig industry, but surely I'm allowed a little 'I told you so?' Not only do we have plastic eating pigs in Ireland, we also have pigs trying to eat each other. Some of my longer-serving readers may remember that I campaigned on the latter issue with Heather Mills round about the time she was getting divorced. My aunt sent me a picture from the Daily Mail saying 'is that you in the pig suit'?


Paul said...

pig too tall - unless stilts included in outfit

Andy said...

Kerry, I strongly suspect that these will be industrially farmed pigs that have these problems. I also know (I think) that properly, organically, free-range reared pigs that grow up in natural surroundings being fed natural food and generally rooting about and having (for a pig) a jolly good time don't have any of these health issues.

I do eat meat but only that that conforms to the above (in the case of pork).

Industrial meat rearing, transport and slaughter is applling and I'd support any campaign against it

timbone said...

I cannot resist letting you see some verse that won the Headmaster's Poetry Prize at Weston super Mare Grammar School for Boys in 1963. It was written by someone who, on here, goes by the name of timbone. He was a mere twelve year old at the time, in the second year, (that is year 8 for post 1980's people).

"Pigs, pigs, mucky old pigs,
With big goggle eyes as brown as figs.
They have no manners, no manners at all,
They fight for their food, though there's plenty for all.

They're smelly, dirty, greedy and grumpy,
Their dirty pink skin is mouldy and lumpy.
But despite these facts, don't be mistaken,
For I tell you friends, they are lovely, as bacon."

If you would like to see a recitation in full tecnicolor (American spelling) go to

bevanite said...

now I would be tempted to moderate that first comment, is that 'cause I'm too chicken?

sorry - just had to.

Kerry said...

Is that you???

timbone said...

"Is that you???"

Is that question directed at me? Yes it is.

Kerry said...

I'd have said thirty something, a bit puny, messy curly hair. No idea why.

timbone said...

hahaha Kerry. Are you saying that is what you imagined I would look like?

Kerry said...

Yes, and for some reason, a rather shapeless pale blue and white striped T-shirt, with very puny arms sticking out.

Whereas Dave A I just think of as being Dave Anderson, the MP for Blaby, despite his political views!

timbone said...

Well I will not fish for compliments, but I take it that your enjoyed my recitation of the poem I wrote for the late Mr Wimster, who gave me three of the best in between me writing the poem and being awarded the prize.

I don't know what Dave Anderson looks like, but funnily enough, I have sat with Dave A in an AGM, and he is an intensly charming man.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at me on youtube. There is plenty more, including me playing the trombone, singing with an Abba tribute in Benidorm and comparing the UK with a more tolerant Spain as far as smoking is concerned.

Enjoy your curry later. If you are like me, you like it hot!