Saturday, 13 December 2008

MPs' ties

Yes, I missed out Friday's fashion slot. Which is very poor seeing as I only initiated it last Friday.

Germaine Greer wrote an article about high heels this week but it was a bit boring. And G2 has a 'best dressed people of 2008' list, which didn't have anyone very interesting in it, except the Obamas and someone whose main claim to fame is that he was 'employed' by his father, a Conservative MP, while he was a fashion student.

I'm thinking of initiating a feature in the New Year on MPs' ties, and going armed with my camera into the division lobby, getting below the neck shots. And then having a poll. I think John Bercow's red rose tie, which he wears whenever he's thinking of defecting*, would be the winner.

(That's our little joke - and thanks for the Christmas card John).

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