Sunday, 21 December 2008

It's fashion Friday!

OK, it's Sunday, we're running late on everything this week. I feel a need for a break from all this boys techno talk. Going away for New Year with a whole bunch of people, including O'Shea, who has a first in computer science and specialised in AI, and Dan, who used to be his tutor. So, provided the 3G data card works in Dorset, and I remember to take all the bits and bobs I will come back an expert. (We're miles from nowhere, so apart from the obligatory after lunch walk in a galeforce wind, there will be nothing else to do).

Anyway - onto fashion! This week brings the alarming news that it is possible to purchase an Ugg boot/ Croc hybrid, i.e. with a Croc foot bit and then an Ugg up the leg. I was told this over a curry on Friday night. Sounds like a hideous invention to end all hideous inventions, doesn't it?

In the Guardian weekend magazine a reader writes: "Just once I'd like to see Jess Cartner-Morley look like an arse in the latest silly fashion craze, and Alexis Petridis look fabulous while demonstrating how best to interpret the latest silly fashion craze. Please?" Is that not exactly what I said last week?

I am very, very reluctant to talk about other MPs' dress sense (apart from MPs' ties - coming in 2009!) but let's just say that a certain outfit worn by a certain person always attracts negative comments. I was sitting next to a male MP in the Chamber, who was making such a point, but he then went on to say that said female was wearing a very elegant grey suit last week, possibly 50% silk, slightly over-fussy bow at the neckline, accessorised with nice purple shoes.... I had no idea they paid so much attention. I assumed it was only low necklines and short skirts that registered on their radar, but I suppose we spend a lot of time staring at the opposition benches. I have been working the 'shapeless grey dress' look this session. I have four. Sometimes accessorised with slightly scruffy grey cardigan. I don't suppose the Tories are impressed.

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