Friday, 12 December 2008

Hello Sadie

This week I met Sadie of Sadie's Tavern fame. If I had an anonymous blogging alter-ego who didn't have to observe the niceties and decorum by which MPs are bound, not to mention the risk of having our every utterance twisted and served up on the front page of the Daily Mail (or in my case, tucked away in the diary column), she would be something like Sadie, albeit without the sausage obsession. Although come to think of it, that would be a good way of disguising my identity so maybe I am her and the sausages are just an artful device to throw you off the scent?

As you can imagine, we bonded over a mutual appreciation of the many, many virtues of our delightful readership. She mentioned that the last time I linked to her blog, she got loads of abuse and then realised it was my fault (obviously a crude attempt on my part to deflect the abuse to someone else, in the days before I came to my senses and started using the 'Reject' button).

On which point, I got an email the other day from someone. He said my decision to start moderating comments proved (and I paraphrase) that I simply couldn't hack it as an MP and should stand down and let someone else take over who was able to engage with the voters, etc, etc.. Presumably that means the 90% of MPs who don't blog at all, and all the others who moderate their comments should go too... Which would leave...?

Anyway, back to Sadie. I now see that Tom Harris has linked to her latest, highly entertaining, post. So I might as well do the same. Be nice to her boys! I am off for a curry with Doug and Sam.

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