Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Boris on telly again

How come when I'm blogging - about I admit fairly trivial matters - at 1.30 in the morning I get accused of wasting taxpayers money because 'we're all paying your wages and we don't pay you to witter on about X Factor' but when Boris Johnson - who is on telly again even as I type - or Ann Widdecombe present television documentaries they don't?
I suppose they get paid for it by the television companies... so if I got someone to pay me to blog (unlikely, I know),, then it would be a waste of his/ her money, not yours?


Panopticon Britain said...

Isn't a blogger account free?
How exactly is the tax payer losing out from MPs using a free website, in their free time?

Chris Hutt said...

I think we're all entitled to a little time to fritter away as we please, especially in the early hours. We are not machines and the mind as well as the body needs some time idling aimlessly.

I reckon the public get very good value for money from you, Kerry, in terms of hours put in. Whether the end product is worth it is of course another matter.

Steven_L said...

We should have a lot more Boris on TV if 'After Rome' is anything to go by. I thought his program was excellent.

Kerry said...

You may well get your wish, if the recent G2 article on his performance as mayor is anything to go by.

CityUnslicker said...

If you put adverts on your blog then you would be paid from your own hard work by the private sector.

You may even find it ideologically enlightening.

Kerry said...

That would be asking for trouble.

I don't want/ expect to get paid for it. I just object when people insiste on telling me what I should blog because 'they're paying for me' to do it. (Usually the libertarians, funnily enough).

Steven_L said...

I presume you refer to 'the verdict so far' article.

What a load of waffle it was too. Like the article says, the Mayor has little power. Public services in London are delivered by the boroughs, the police and the NHS.

He's carrying out his manifesto pledges on transport - and from what I read he's starting to cut back on some of the loony-pc nonsense too.

As for all the tittle-tattle in the Guardian about him being unfit to run a multi-culti city, in last nights documentry he demonstrated a deep knowledge of history, of cultural matters and showed a real desire to improve community relations by educating people properley.

Dick the Prick said...

Yeah, Bozzer's a good lad and it's still early days. I do have problems with the celeb culture around certain public officials - that in some way noterity = popularity.

Clem Attlee was a brilliant man yet intensely private. Lloyd George (my favourite) would never have got anywhere these days. Gordon Brown on Catherine Tate?? Maybe.

Fotherington Cameron seems immersed in public relations and so doesn't strike a chord. Ming was forced out for reasons I still don't understand and Cleggy, well.

When was it agreed that people like jazz - I thought Ming could have done bloody well. Anywho

Kerry said...

"When was it agreed that people like jazz"?

Dick the Prick said...

Alls i'm saying is for the Libs to dump Ming because they couldn't control an early term news agenda and get the Clegg, when demographics give rise to the fact that pensioners can win the next election is really quite offensive.

When in doubt - trust the Lib Dems to score an own goal. Ming V Clegg - don't reserve a seat, it would have been quick.