Thursday, 27 November 2008

Vote early, vote often - again!

My entreaties to you to 'vote early, vote often' for Rosemary's Garden in the People's Millions vote paid off, and congratulations to them, but now duty calls again. Tonight 'Operation Pool Table' is going head to head with 'Land Drainage Scheme' project, in a bid to win an award of £50,000. I am sure you will agree that Operation Pool Table sounds far more exciting... and not just bcause it's about doing up and extending Meadow Vale Community Centre in my constituency. There's a real lack of youth facilities in the area, and there's been a dispersal order in place to stop young people hanging around the streets, so this would be a major boost.

Voting is open from 9am to midnight. To support Operation Pool Table, call 0871 62 68 158 to cast your vote.


The Penguin said...

Is that a free phone call or another stealth tax?

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

What in the name of God is a "dispersal order"?

Andy said...

"stop young people hanging around the streets".

Jeez woman, how about educating them so they are capable of going to work .. then you wouldn't have to scratch around for money for this type of idiocy because they'd be at work, contributing taxes or they'd be shagged out after a 12 hour day like me! Education Education Education - wasn't that the mantra of your previous god?

Shirking From Home said...

Are there enough 'jobs' left over for all the unemployed (and unemployable) or is it just a smoke screen to 'demonstrate' that the government is doing something?

Maybe introduce some new laws (what New Labour seem to excel at) in the Queen's Speech and open a few more non departments, staffed by no hopers in non jobs. Obviously funded by the tax payer. It's what they do - pay tax!

Will any politician ever actually stand up and say "the system is fucked, we know the system is fucked and chew the fat" or just drone on and on about targets and sticking plaster?

I suspect the latter as it suits the Westminster clitorati/cockarati perfectly.

If I sound bitter it is because I am. The country I was born in, brought up in and now pay taxes to seems to all intents and purposes, fucked.

Thank you New Labour.

Old Holborn said...

Rang the number, spoke to some guy in Mumbai who has no idea what a Pool cue is. He earns $300 a month for 6 x 12 hour shifts. Less than the Bristol mongs get on benefits week yet need a place to play pool all day in the warm and want me to pay for it.

Kerry said...

Andy... the young people in question are mostly still at school.

They do have a fantastic new school now - Brunel Academy, built under the Govt's Building Schools for the Future programme - with facilities they can use in the evening under the Govt's Extended Schools initiative, and the number of pupils getting 5 good GCSEs went up from 29% last year to 62% this year. So I think they deserve a youth club.