Saturday, 29 November 2008

Tonight's TV

Strictly Come Dancing. I have no idea who two of the contestants are. And I don't actually watch the dancing so I don't know who is any good. Is there a Musicians Union rule that they must have live singers and a band? 'The Final Countdown' is bad at the best of times, but tonight someone absolutely murdered it. As for the genius who thought 'overblown 80s Swedish power rock' = 'suitable accompaniment for ballroom dancing'...

I'm a Celebrity
. Don't watch it. (That's not an order. I don't watch it. I do read about it in the papers so I know that Martina is funny, and Brian can't keep his clothes on, and the ex-East Ender is tipped to win. But I have no opinion on any of that).

X Factor
. Don't really think very much of any of them. Diana to win. (If I post it now, she will probably get kicked out in five minutes when they do the results... I've been spectacularly wrong so far). Britney Spears is taller than Dermot O'Leary!

Sunday newspaper reviews
Sadly, this is the only bit I look forward to. When, oh when are they going to ask me to do it?

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