Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Today so far (an inspired choice of title if ever there was one)

So far today I've spent rather a lot of time in the office, trying to shift paperwork. Popped over to No. 10 at 1pm for a chat with the PM around the Cabinet table, as one does. Six MPs there, obviously selected for their superior intellects and political insight. Plus me. (Thought I would say that before anyone else did; I know what you lot are like).

Gordon was delayed slightly because he had just been signing off the final stages of the Northern Ireland agreement. He said he felt the hand of history upon his shoulder... Actually, no, he didn't. But it is very good news. Not going to tell you what we talked about, but the thing about Gordon that never ceases to surprise me is that whatever point you bring up, no matter how obscure, he already knows about it. Tony Blair wasn't like that at all.

Since then I have had some soup and been into the Chamber for Communities and Local Government questions. Didn't get called. Bit of an uproar over gypsies, with a Tory saying that she entirely respected the rights of gypsies and travellers but what about the rights of decent, law-abiding, tax-paying people? (I paraphrase, but only slightly).


The Penguin said...

Does the report of 300,000 additional illegal immigrants in today's Telegraph make for an even more exciting opportunity to engage some of them (as Bristol will doubtless be a destination of choice for many of them)in the political process, as with your existing Somali group?

The Penguin

Kerry said...

The people (not exclusively Somalis) I am encouraging to participate in the political process are British or EU citizens and are therefore perfectly entitled to do so.

alex24 said...

Why do you bother to respond to this idiot?

Premise 1: Kerry encourages people of Somalian extraction to vote

Premise 2: Some Somalians are illegal immigrants

Conclusion: Kerry encourages all illegal immigrants to vote

Ive done my own piece of deductive reasoning....

Premise 1: All penguins are birds

Premise 2: All birds have brains

Conclusion: "The Penguin" is a bird brain

Kerry said...

Testing. Testing.

PS Nice one Alex.

Northern Lights said...

Alex - I wouldn't credit this penguin fellow with enough intelligence to understand that comment - he reads the telegraph.

Kerry said...

Oops. I've just posted something from the Telegraph! But I did have to Google it.

The Penguin said...

Good to see such a high level of intelligent debate and sophistication on Kerry's blog.

Well done!

The Penguin