Friday, 21 November 2008

Memo to bloggers

Tomorrow - well, later today, in precisely 9 hours, I'm speaking to a group of pupils in my constituency. I would love to get Year 10 logging onto my website, reading my blog... But what kind of warped view of humanity would that give them? (And no, I don't mean my contributions). Maybe there should be a 'parental guidance' warning - 'this site could put your child off politics for life'. Or I could resort to censorship... which I'd much rather not. So if you feel the need to be abusive or offensive or bitter and twisted, why not visit Old Holborn's site? You'll feel very much at home there.


Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Tell you what Kerry, why not just keep your politics out of schools? Kids aren't ready to make a choice at the age you are proposing visiting, but then, that's the point, isn't it? Catch them young? I'm just glad you aren't active in my area because I'd be making sure you and any other politician was kept as far away from our children's schools as possible.

You really don't get it, do you? Let the children have their childhood. Let them grow up and make up their own mind before you start pedalling this on them. I find your actions to be most disturbing, but completely in line with the methodology of the Young Fabians.

"I would love to get Year 10 logging onto my website, reading my blog..." Yeah, I bet you would. Are you going to be advising them of alternate blogs advocating different points of view while you're at it? Somehow I think not, but I hope you will give a commitment to ensure the pupils you will be visiting are made aware of the existence of other points of view.

bofl said...

Lord Elvis has said it all.

Will you be getting them to sing the Labour anthem at assembly?

We hear a lot in the media about role models.Perhaps an example should be set at the top?

Do you think the ridiculous charade of pmqs' does our Parliament any favours when the scenes of braying donkeys and planted toadyism are screened around the world?

Do you think the children should be informed of all the money trousered by mps? All sides....

when proven liars and criminals (again both sides) become Lords?

Maybe time for Parliament (commons and the other place)to look in the mirror?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Admit it Kerry, you'll show them your blog and not the comments page. Very clever I'm sure and you get your jollies at the reaction on here.

If you truly wanted to show kids about blogging, you would show them one of the 99% of blogs that were NOT political.

If you want a political blog to sway their future voting, show them Tom Harris's, it's a darn site better than yours and shows some genuine humour, and warmth to real people. Yours is just vindictive to anyone who disagrees with your very narrow beliefs.

If you want to show them a real gentle political blog, well designed and interesting politically, give them Iain Dale.

Guthrum said...

Why are you taking politics into school, have you obtained the parents permission for your talks ? Can they opt out ?

Or are you working on the Jesuit principle

Bristol Dave said...

Why would the comments on this blog put kids off politics for life? If anything it would encourage them to be more involved by seeing the levels of argument that ensues from every major political decision.

Or maybe you'd just prefer them to read your blog posts about how wonderful the government is?

pagar said...

You don't seem to like Old Holborn much. How long before we see a law to shut his blog down? After all he doesn't seem to add much value to the political debate.

Old Holborn said...

Kerry need to chat with the Political Officer in the school, the one who is noting and monitoring 5 year olds for future crimes.

Then she needs to make sure that the Young Fabian who has been assigned to the task of making sure the Head Teacher only promotes Fabian thinking is doing his job properly.

East Germany was freer than the UK under ZNL. No really, it was.

I've sent an Email to the BNP to tell them to get their arses down to the school and show the kids THEIR blog as well.

The Penguin said...

Indoctrination? Hmmmm, have you been reading Animal Farm rather than the gift you were sent?

By the way, what's your position on the Peter Connolly Atrocity?

And should Ed Balls be sacked for misleading the House of Commons? (Or don't you, as an elected officer of that house wish to uphold its values and principles? - and your own supposed position of worth therein?)

The Penguin

Old Holborn said...

Kerry visits a lot of schools, don't you Kerry?

Stockwood Green

The UK Arabic school

the Mewat Muslim Girls school in India

St Brendans Six form

The Andulusia Academy, Britians only Islamic School

the PFI funded Speedwell school

The Hannah Moore school

The Kingswood Foundation

The Brunel Acadamy (with video)

Shall I go on?

Elby the Beserk said...

Brain-washing mission, Kerry? It is my view that New Labour have a severely warped view of humanity, which has damaged our society, fatally I fear.

Can I come along with you and talk to these kids?

By the way, will you tell them that your mate Balls is a liar?

Elby the Beserk said...

New Labour LOVE to be filmed at schools, indeed, Brown is rarely photo-opped anywhere else. Oddly, the age range of the poor kids selected to have to be filmed with him seem to be getting younger and younger. Maybe too many "My dad says you are a ****"? for Gordo's peace of mind.

Elby the Beserk said...

From the Telegraph...

Ballot-box bribery is an expensive business. Productivity gains in the state sector, where they occurred at all, have been scandalously low. Education and health resources in particular have been squandered.

Under Labour, the education budget has more than doubled to £82 billion. Yet only this week, we learnt from Ofsted, the watchdog, that four in 10 secondary schools are under-performing, with more than half of all state pupils leaving school without five decent GCSEs, including English and maths. No wonder many families on relatively low incomes are scrimping to pay for private education.

The problem, according to Tom Burkard, visiting fellow at the University of Buckingham, is that the current schooling system is hopelessly corrupt: "Grade inflation has reduced the annual release of exam results to a farce." Examinations have been perverted to measure process, rather than content. Political correctness warps the curriculum.

"Pupils are taught to 'evaluate' gobbets selected for the specific purpose of illustrating themes, such as the oppression of blacks by whites, women and homosexuals by men," says Mr Burkard. "Without political will, there is very little chance of breaking through the web of progressive educational mythology and stepping outside the long shadow of Thomas Gradgrind."

Hughes Views said...

I hope the visit went well. I'm sure you will have managed to avoid being too party political.

It's vital to get the message across that real politics is important and the only way of getting real things done. And that it takes a bit of effort...

Michael said...

Better a visit from the local MP and give the children a sense of the political process than the experience of my childhood.

I was brought up in the Newcastle Central constituency which apart from a couple of blips in 1931 and 1983 has been solidly Labour since 1922 and the MP knew it. We never saw any sign that an MP even existed in our constituency never mind actually visit us in school.

When we became old enough to vote we had no real idea of what was going on or even who this guy was except that every 4 years we got a letter through the door telling us how great he was.

Kieron said...

Elvis, Bofl, and the rest...

Surely you can't really be suggesting that it is bad for an MP to tell her constituent schoolchildren about the political process? Don't you think it is a good idea that children know about politics and get involved?

If you have ever been on a visit to Parliament as a schoolchild, or had an MP visit your school, you would know that it is ridiculous to suggest that the MP is 'indoctrinating' the children. They come to parliamnt to learn what an MP does and how the place works.

Old Holborn said...

Rubbish man. Me is doing like, Music and MC/DJ studies, innit and wiv ma crew, we is gonna bust da X Factor. Ma teecher bro, he sayes me gonna get 10 A* or whatever just for nah shanking him. Respect to da biatch, Braaaap. braaap.

bofl said...

I was recently told by my local college that i needed to have a CRB check if i wanted to teach there.

I was wondering if kerry has undergone the check?

We must surely have equality?

And what about gordon brown?
A man always visiting schools.A man surrounded by rumour.
Has he been checked out?

What's good for the goose!

Old Holborn said...

I know why she goes to schools so much

Elby the Beserk said...


I don't feel bitter and twisted re NL. Just bitter. As a Labour voter from 1970 until Iraq, I feel betrayed and disenfranchised. No party remotely resembles my political views any more, but as the Conservatives seem to have a far better grasp on the nature of freedom, I may well be voting for them at the next election.

The greatest freedom is NOT security. It is FREEDOM. My father commanded a tank in WWII for 2 years in defence of what you are destroying. And don't pretend you are not.

And some accountability wouldn't go amiss.

Kerry said...

School visits are at the school's invitation, and I never discuss issues from a party political point of view with pupils; the one exception is when they're sixth form politics student, who will raise issues in political terms.

Today the questions from what was actually a Year 9 class included the usual how do you become an MP, what GCSEs do you need, do you enjoy your job, what do you like best about your job, and "Do you have a social life?" (No), "Have you ever had any death threats?" (Yes), and "Do you get stalked by the paparazzi?" (No!)

In response to Lord Elvis and bofl - I tell them I have a website/ blog, and then it's up to them if they log on and whether they choose to read the comments, and use the links to connect to a wide range of other bloggers. I'm sure you'd be the first to complain if I supplied them with a recommended reading list!

I don't have a problem with people posting alternative views on here. That's the point of having a comments section. But I am really uncomfortable with providing a platform for racists, or to people who are just plain nasty.

Blogging feels like having a conversation with people out there - and at the moment I feel that when I blog, I'm choosing to spend time with some people I don't actually like at all. Not the same as not liking their views - Patsy Nurse, who used to comment on her about smoking, was actually a good example of someone I disagreed with on that issue, but thought was a decent person.

As for being vindictive, can I suggest that you read the comments that (a) Paul Flynn, (b) Tom Harris and (c) myself have attracted from libertarians, and then try to justify the difference when it comes to the comments I attract? Let me guess - I'm asking for it, aren't I?

Alice Dale said...

Good lord - there are some very strange people commenting here. The school I went to was private and essentially a Conservative stronghold, but we still wanted to talk to our local Labour MP and find out more about what it is to work as an MP for your constituents and in the House of Commons. Considering the level of political apathy in this country I think what you're doing is extremely worthwhile.

The Penguin said...


You've answered some questions, did you miss mine?

"By the way, what's your position on the Peter Connolly Atrocity?

And should Ed Balls be sacked for misleading the House of Commons? (Or don't you, as an elected officer of that house wish to uphold its values and principles? - and your own supposed position of worth therein?)"

It also apppears that the inspectorate are being given the run-around at Haringey -

"Lynne Featherstone, the local Lib Dem MP, said she had been contacted by workers in Haringey who believed Mr Balls' inspectors were not getting the full picture.

She said: "A manager chose which staff would meet the inspectors and prepped them prior to the visit. No-one else was allowed to speak to the inspectors."

What is your position on this?

The Penguin

hamsalad said...

Are you planning on taking fingerprints and DNA samples on all your school trips?

I remember seeing Tony Benn come to visit my primary school in the 70s - not long after he wasn't the MP for Bristol SE anymore. I hope he didn't set a precedent ...

John Pickworth said...


You are, to a degree, asking for it. Why else would you use words like nasty people and racists?

These 'nasty people' might be robust in their argument, even rude... but you fail to recognise what they really are is angry.

You seem particularly exercised with Old Holborn's points of view but have you actually tried listening to him? Have you visited his blog and dug beneath the Daily Mail language in an attempt to understand where his (and his commenter's) rage is coming from?

Let me tell you, I'm not an extremist in anyway shape or form but I'm getting increasingly angry about what's happening to our country. Worse is the feeling that no one cares. Even your own contributions are dismissive or you label your opponants racist or libertarian... something of a common response from Labour MPs of late.

Having read through your comments I see little evidence of racism - and if you do you should report them to the police. What I do see is perhaps xenophobia (and its a stretch at that). Its more of a reaction to an MP keen to promote the problems of the immigrants but who cheerfully ignores the fact many of their problems are of their own creation. So how about voicing that occasionally? Why not tell these communities that you (and the Government) won't offer increased support and refuge while they continue to undermine society with crime and prostitution etc? Other countries manage to take this robust tone, so why not us? Have you ceased to be a representative of ALL the people? Or have we truly arrived in a world where some people are more equal than others?

I'm not a Libertarian in the political sense but I am a libertarian in the human sense. Frankly I wouldn't even know where to begin debating the issue with you (or a Government) that has shown zero interest in the concept.

Take a look around you Kerry... Labour has had 12 years. Is this truly the society you wanted?

Old Holborn is right, its more oppressive here than the former East Germany ever was.

fuchsia groan said...

John Pickworth, well said.
I run a small business. I work very hard, and I just want government to leave me alone to run my life the way I want. I never used to be very political, but I am also becoming very angry at the way things are going in Britain. The government, and most MPs, have forgotten what they are elected for. We, the people, are the masters. The way with people like you Kelly, is to try to shut down debate by using emotive words like 'racist'. Sorry, it doesn't work anymore. We won't be cowed into silence by childish insults. The fact is, there is a distinction between a genuine refugee and an economic migrant. How many people is too many? This is not a matter of race but numbers. I am glad you are not my MP, not that he is much better. Yes, people are cynical. Why? Look in the mirror.

Elby the Beserk said...

Oh - anger is not allowed in the New Labour world view. Toynbee and Ashley are also unable to distinguish between anger and hatred.

And lord, there is a LOT of anger out in realworldsville. We really do NOT like being lied to all the time.

Kerry said...

Yes I have looked at Old Holborn's blog. I think it's appalling. And I know exactly where he's coming from.

I've actually just finished a mass survey of constituents on asylum/ immigration. I had intended to post the results on this blog and invite a discussion, but I am concerned that it will just give people the opportunity to post extremely offensive stuff, and I don't want to be associated with that.

As for Penguin's questions - I haven't blogged about Baby P, and so I don't intend to answer your questions. I'm sure it must be on Lynne Featherstone's blog so why not go off and comment on there? Otherwise we'll end up with all the blogs regurgitating the same stories and comments.

Katabasis said...

Kerry - would you care to answer a question about the outright lie you told recently:

"And at 10.51 yesterday morning the order went out to UKLP members on their website to swamp my blog with comments"

Please explain yourself.

Elby the Beserk said...


Of course it is a good thing that schoolkids are enlightened about the political process, as long as you are honest.

So you will, of course, tell them how New Labour has continually subverted and undermined it, to the point that the current Business Secretary is not even answerable to Parliament, and hence not answerable to us? Do tell them, as well, about the shamocracy of "Big Conversations" and "Citizens' Juries" as well, please.

And will you tell them about the 2006 Legislative And Regulatory Reform Act, which wanted to give Ministers the right to amend and make law without recourse to the house? You very sweetly wrote to me to tell me that I shouldn't worry, as they were never likely to use the new power. Fall about laughing, I did. Gob-smacked, as our footballers say.

You will tell them about that, won't you?

And do tell them why we are not having a referendum on Lisbon? You know, the "treaty" that the D'Estaing said that is of course a constitution. Promises. Promises. Promises.

You see, it seems to many of us that you hold us in contempt. Is it any wonder then, that we hold you in contempt? if you don't recognise what I am saying, then I am utterly wasting my time trying to engage with you, rather than Kerry "On message" McCarthy, Stepford MP?

Remember - I voted Labour for 31 years (man & boy). And I am really pissed with NL. And you don't seem to give a flying thing.

And as regards East Germany, I have long called New Labour "New Stasi", as their instinct are so similar. Problem is, they have technology at their hands way beyond anything the Stasi could dream of, and thus they can't stop making up ways of using it to monitor our every move - and thought. Anal probes next?

It's just a bloody good job that NL

a)Have no idea to use IT. No idea at all. Witness cockup after cockup, data disaster after data disaster and contracting companies (Ladies & gemmun, I give you ... EDS) who get contract after contract and cock up contract after contract.

b) and the geeks are always one step ahead. Indeed, Kerry, if I wanted to, I could appear to be posting from somewhere totally different to where I am. Terrorist Iceland even.

Your man Brown has broken this country, for a bent and vicious ideology that wants all rendered down to the same size and thought patterns. The only way everyone can be equal, Kerry, is for us all to be reduced the lowest common denominator. Which you have spent eleven years on, and seem hell bent on finishing.

So I hold Brown and you all responsible. And I want you all to be held to account for what you have done to us. But you won't worry. You've already got a pension beyond my wildest dreams. Courtesy of us.

John Pickworth said...

Kerry said...

Yes I have looked at Old Holborn's blog. I think it's appalling. And I know exactly where he's coming from.


Do I detect that dismissive tone again?

Okay, fair enough, I wouldn't expect you to be a fan but appalling is a bit extreme don't you think? I take it you recognise the satirical element in some of the content? That you are able to cut through some of the over-the-top ranting to see the essential truth that many are really hurting, are intensely angry and are looking for answers? No doubt you're moved also by the lives of those who have had to suffer at the hands of those in their neighbourhoods, to the point of fleeing their homes? Taken notice of people like myself who have been threatened, repeatedly, by the thug and the official?

To be honest, the worst charge you could level at Old Holborn is one of political incorrectness - he'd actually be proud of that I imagine. But appalling?

Kerry, I'm not going to persue you on this... you've looked and that's a good start. If you choose to ignore what you've read there then that's for your conscience to wrestle with.

Kerry said...

Everyone I know who has seen the site thinks it's appalling. The words 'scary' and 'disgusting' have also been used.

I don't seem to be able to get an answer to this question, but I'll try again: what is satirical or amusing about telling someone 'I'm watching you', 'I could be in Westminster next week' and threatening to string them up from a lampost? This was in response to my support for laws to tackle women being exploited in the sex trade.

Is that valid political discourse? Is it satire? Am I meant to look beyond the anger to discover the man who is hurting inside? Come off it.

bevanite said...

Could not agree more Kerry. Most if not all of the comments on here published by 'Old Holborn' are, certainly to my ears, vile. To engage young people in politics of all colours can only be a good thing, for younger people to be able to make an informed decision on their political opinion by reading a blog of a member of parliament is a way we can re engage with a somewhat disaffected youth. However, for comments like some of those below, and on other topics, to be sullying a forum that should be used for real, vigoruous debate is, to say the least, a shame.

bevanite said...

may I also add that none of the comments above that I have seen written by Old Holborn could be excused by classification as 'satire'. They are repugnant. I fear for someone who thinks as he does and also for those who seek to justify such comments. Free speech is one thing, a right I would fight until the end to protect, however cruel and intimidating threats are unacceptable.

Northern Lights said...

I hope Penguin realises that there ARE books in the world other than 1984 and Animal Farm.

In fact - and I know this might come as quite a shock - there are also authors (other than George Orwell) who have made political observations.

It's quite indicative of the level of wit on show from some of the bloggers here that all debate is reduced to screaming 1984!

Katabasis said...

For Northern Lights

John Pickworth said...

Kerry said...

I don't seem to be able to get an answer to this question, but I'll try again: what is satirical or amusing about telling someone 'I'm watching you', 'I could be in Westminster next week' and threatening to string them up from a lampost?

Come off it yourself Kerry... with respect, you don't fool me. You clearly have political aqaintences from Chicago and Boston, you're not that naive surely?

If you seriously feel threatened by those taunts and believe them to be more than simple bravado, please do inform your local constabulary.

Granted, they might not be conductive to political discourse - see we can agree on something - but don't you understand why people have resorted to using this kind of language?

So, to answer your question; people feel they are being ignored. The polite cough doesn't work any more. When we write to our MPs they don't reply - ever! When we vote on the basis of a manifesto promise its simply tossed aside after the election. Our Prime Minister refuses to answer questions and belittles the opposition. He tells us "No more boom and bust" and "We're the best placed country..." etc. Massive stop the war protests ignored. Ed Balls lies to Parliament this week. You, Kerry, lied about a concerted campaign against you by the Libertarians. Harriet Harman loses the argument on Ch4 News but simply vows to press on with her anti-prostitution policy regardless. 45 minutes, 42 days... the list goes on and on and on.

What are ordinary people supposed to do when they are so roundly treated with such contempt? When MPs pretend to engage but turn off their blog comments the moment they don't like the answers? When the political classes huddle together and freeze out the little people?

Playing nice doesn't cut it any longer... you simply ignore us. There are HUGE numbers of people out here who don't even watch the news any more because its ceased to be relevent to them... in other words they're disconnected from everything. Even those prepared to hammer away and argue, to attempt to persuade and appeal are increasingly feeling disenfranchised from the political process.

And there in a word is your answer: Disconnected.

Unless we resort to the brutish, most basic language we are simply dismissed - and even then it rarely works. Certainly some will cheer and boo when the words 'lamposts' and 'MPs' are mentioned but it is serving its purpose, it is attracting a large and vocal audience to the likes of Guido and Old Holborn. People who, by accident or design, have been able to provide a stage for the little guy to have his or her say.

Mark my words Kerry, we might not condone the nasty politics of Boston or Chicago but we are learning how to fight like them. The words you highlight above are tame, I can promise you they will get worse unless our elected rulers start to listen.

Kerry, the folks are tired, we've had enough. The angry silent majority is rising up and will be heard. We don't expect you to look beyond the anger... we just want you to listen and understand WHY we are so angry. Is that too much to ask?

John Pickworth said...

bevanite said...

... may I also add that none of the comments above that I have seen written by Old Holborn could be excused by classification as 'satire'.

I'm sorry Bevanite, but you've misunderstood a point I was making when addressing Kerry's remarks about Old Holborn's BLOG. I had suggested that 'some' of the content on his BLOG was written in a somewhat satirical style - Rory Bremner does it too you know.

The comments here though, by Old Holborn or otherwise, are exactly that; just comments, nothing more.

Just to pick up your other point...

I too hope the kids come here. I'm sure they'll be dismayed to see how corroded the political process has become. First we're labelled Libertarian crazies, then racists and now just vile or appalling. The worse part is you've bundled is all together and fail to see that most of us are none of these things.

Great argument guys... that shut us up didn't it?

Lets be clear here, politics isn't a nice business and it never was so. Dear sweet things like Kerry, bless her socks, will appeal for probity but continue to do what they please once the masses are quelled. It's a shallow New Labour trick that has been well practised over the years, most recently when Gordon Brown sought consenus over the banking crisis but then used the opportunity to stab his opponants in the back.

We're learning though ;-)

Michael said...

""...Am I meant to look beyond the anger to discover the man who is hurting inside? Come off it.""

Are we meant to look beyond the Zanu Labour erroding of Britain, liberties, ignoring us, destroying our country etc etc and see a nice lovely caring party and MP?

Get a grip before it's too late.

bevanite said...

'Dear sweet things like Kerry bless her socks...", if some on here disagree with the government and how they're running things that's fine, say so. To sarcasticaly patronise someone who holds power and therefore capability to reform and change certain aspects of our lives is to undermine your discontent with the status quo. Debate is good. What has been occuring on this site, all be it in a satirical, or any other, manner undermines not only what is being said by certain individuals, but undermines the respectability of the individuals themselves. If I were Kerry, I think in response to an earlier comment, I would be looking to inform 'the local constabulary' or any other organisation which would find some of these comments as horrendous as many I have spoken to do. They say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, if wit is what is intended on here by some, 'they' obviously haven't read these comments.

John Pickworth said...

Wow! That struck a nerve didn't it?

So much for trying to be nice. I think its best if I just let you continue to rub baby oil into one another because you're clearly not interested in hearing anyone elses views.

Old Holborn said...


Firstly, I thank you for opening your blog to comment. No other labour MP I know of has. You are to be commended for it. Seriously.

I am a shock blogger, I admit. I use foul language, non PC comment and a dark humour to make my point. But that's all it is. I'm not media. I'm not a journalist. I'm not "the comeptition"

What should worry you is THIS

Seriously. I started a blog just to rant a bit a few months ago and I predict over 100,000 page views this month alone.

I don't advertise, I'm not organised. I'm just little old me venting my spleen every day at what you and your 645 colleagues are doing. I'm not the Daily Mail or the Daily Mirror. I'm just me. I don't get paid to do this, nor would want to.

I'm not controlled by D notices, a Press Council, advertisers, lobbies or backhanders. You can't bribe me with peerages.

And we are growing in number. Every single day. Our voices are being heard, not because we are shouting, but because people are listening. We don't need to visit schools for people to read our blogs. We don't need to win closed contests to show how good we are. If our blogs are shit, we don't care. It wouldn't make any difference to me if no one ever came to my blog.

But look again at those figures. They ARE coming. In frankly remarkable numbers. It isn't morbid curiousity that's bringing them. So what is?

Kerry, you are one of the first to realise that times, they are a changin'.

We don't write letters to the editor of the Times. We don't cough and splutter at Council meetings. We don't hand out leaflets to bewildered shoppers. We don't plant people at University "societies".

We simply speak.

And people can hear us.

The playing fields are becoming more level by the minute.

Once again, I thank you for your "transparency". Something you voted against in Parliament, interestingly.

Kerry said...

Sorry Old Holborn, I'm not buying your 'dark humour' line. It's a cop out.

It isn't morbid curiousity that's bringing them... Tell that to Nadine Dorries.

P.S. Boston? Chicago?

Chris said...

I'm not surprised at the rate Old Holburn is attracting the people. NuLabour have forgotten the working class that put them into power. Or, can someone remind me, is it the NuUnderclass, that they have now be renamed to make them 'appear' negligible and not worth listening to.

People are very angry Kerry. Rightly so, in my opinion.

When I say the working class, I mean just that. People who go to work every day and have nothing to show for it. How nice to hear that we're now a NuUnderclass.

bevanite said...

Labour haven't forgotten the working class... minimum wage introduction was not in place to succour the middle/upper classes...nor was the fox hunting ban...nor was the 100 new NHS hospitals built and refurbished recently. In essence, Labour could do more, I am the first to suggest that, but they have done a lot and continue to make this country a fairer and more equal place to live. under thatcher comments like these may be understandable, not now. Humour also cannot excuse the things said about this MP, honestly vile.

Chris said...

"Labour haven't forgotten the working class"

Totally disagree there, I'm afraid. We must be living on different planets. I can throw in figures like any politician to detract the subject matter, but they will not change my viewpoint. I voted for labour for years. I will never vote for NuLabour for the rest of my living years.

bevanite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
swindon_alan said...

"bevanite said...

I vote and am a member of the LABOUR party, not New Labour. When Blair left I rejoiced to be honest, can't stand the slick machine he operated. We're on our way back to our traditional roots now, nationalisation of the banks to give a flippant example. The tide in the Labour party is turning. New Labour have done a lot but they are no longer needed, the left ground is what we need to fill,the middle right is crowded...I thank God I have had a Labour govt. for most of my conscious life and I fear for a return to tory years. Thats why debate is so key, to change and let people know your opinion...not to insult and threaten."

Are you completely mad? That's not an insult by the way, just curiosity. You think that 'traditional' Labour is to the left of NuLabour? My god. What have you done?

fuchsia groan said...

I can't believe what a tender little flower you profess to be Kerry. Politics is a robust business. If you can't stand a little name calling perhaps you are not cut out for politics. People are angry - you had better believe it. You are, at the moment, living a life of privilege. Remember, nothing lasts forever. One day you will no longer be a member of parliament. You will then find out what life is like for the majority of us. You may not like it.

Katabasis said...


"nor was the fox hunting ban"

This was succour to the working class how exactly?

"...nor was the 100 new NHS hospitals built and refurbished recently."


"continue to make this country a fairer and more equal place to live."

Making people "fairer" and "more equal" with the stick and not the carrot.

"under thatcher comments like these may be understandable, not now."

Oh right. One rule for them, another rule for you.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

@ bevanite,

Humour also cannot excuse the things said about this MP, honestly vile.

She may be a lot of dodgy things, but really, honestly vile?

Elby the Beserk said...

Comment please Kerry, seeing a lot about schools and NL propaganda has come up in this article of yours. What do you have to say about this? I find it an unacceptable use of taxpayers' money, and an approach we are seeing more and more, as New Labour push themselves as the Political Wing of the British People.

Anyway, Kerry - comments please?