Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Do I detect a pattern?

Actually, what's most interesting about the Andrew Lansley story (see below) is that he was forced to apologise for saying the recession could be good for us. This follows the former Tory Treasury Minister, John Maples, apologising in the Chamber for saying that the recession must be allowed to run its course. Entirely of their own free will, of course.

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Bristol Dave said...

Wonder if that means that repulsive hypocritical Champagne Socialist Toynbee will apologise for her comment where she said most will do well if unemployment reaches 3 million.

"Even if unemployment reaches 3 million, that still leaves 90% in secure jobs. Most people will suffer not at all in this recession: on the contrary they will do well..."

On a side note, I suspect unemployment is well over 3 million once you include the "economically inactive" figure, which includes not only those on incapacity benefit but those who have not worked for 2 years, whereupon it's assumed that they probably never will, and they're moved from the unemployed list to the economically inactive list. Unemployment figures down, job done.

This does however mean that the thousands of people who have never worked a day in their lives and believes the state owes them a living are not included in the figures.