Sunday, 23 November 2008

The dangers of reincarnation

I've just bought something on Ebay, and when it comes to paying through PayPal, they have an option where you can a £1 donation to Friends of the Earth. Seems like a good idea to me. Speaking of FoE, they've got an event in Parliament soon, launching a campaign re agriculture/ livestock and climate change. Doesn't seem to be on their website yet. Glad somebody is finally picking up that particular ball and running with it; I've been banging on about it for ages.

Speaking of Norman Baker, which I was in my previous post, I did an interview by email with Uncaged magazine last week and they sent an interview with him as a past example. He said his latest big issue is livestock/ methane, so I guess we can expect a deluge of questions on that soon. I submitted one a few weeks ago, and got an answer that could best be described as 'unsatisfactory', so have tried again, with several more probing variations on the same theme; I'm expecting answers soon, before prorogation.

The last question in the Uncaged interview was what animal I'd like to come back as. Obviously a tiger, they're something of an obsession of mine. Somewhat worried that Norman Baker also wants to come back as one. Our paths might cross!


Old Holborn said...

How come Friends of the Earth can use Parliament for their events?

I didn't see them on the voting slip, did you?

I would like to host an event at Parliament. Could you send me the details of the palms I need to grease?

Kerry said...

In exactly the same way that Forest can.

Michael said...

It's part of their perks OH, they get funded but also get to use parliament.

Kerry said...

They have to pay for it (room hire, refreshments). As do Forest and any other external organisation. And they have to find a supportive MP to arrange the room booking (in this case, Andrew George, a Lib Dem).

So... another conspiracy theory bites the dust.