Monday, 17 November 2008

Children's choir to perform for the PM

I thought I'd mentioned on here a couple of weeks ago that I'd been to see a children's choir from an orphanage in Uganda perform at the Kensington Baptist Church, but must just have put it on my website. It was a fantastic night, with a mixture of singing, dancing, drumming and learning more about the orphanage.

Various family members went to see them in Milton Keynes on Friday, and I am now the proud possessor of their CD, which I've been listening to in my car. They really are adorable, especially the one with the huge smile, who brings out the Madonna/ Angelina Jolie in me.

I've now just heard they're going to be performing for the Prime Minister next week, which is great news. I'm definitely going to try to cadge an invite. In Milton Keynes they tried to drag my brother-in-law up to dance; he churlishly refused, but I'm sure Gordon would be game. They have one song called "Things are Already Better", which I'm sure he'd love.

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