Sunday, 16 November 2008

Back by popular demand

Well, more a case really of getting certain things out of the way and being back somewhere with an internet connection.

Didn't actually mean to stop blogging for so long, just long enough to get Wednesday's debate out of the way. But turned out to be another busy week, quite a lot going on in the Chamber, and had to do some prep for a debate at Exeter University on Friday night.

The motion was something like 'This House believes that Gordon Brown is to blame for the recession'. I was up against the Tory PPC for Exeter and a Tory councillor/ former economics lecturer, and was meant to be joined by a local Labour councillor - who'd told me 'We won't win, it's Exeter' - but he had to pull out at the last moment. So I was ably assisted by a student, Richard, who'd had all of an hour to prepare. Anyway, we won quite handsomely (well, 40-28), mainly because we were right and they were wrong. And yes, before someone tries to say something 'amusing' - we were against the motion.

As a backdrop to the debate, there were two pics of Gordon projected onto a screen. One was the classic long-haired shot from his university days; the other was this one here. Thing is, as I told the assembled students, I'm almost certain someone has just stuck his head onto that body. It's not him, is it?

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