Thursday, 23 October 2008

Stranger on the shore

Not sure this is quite as damaging as the Russian billionaire story, but doesn't surprise me at all!


Anonymous said...

Oh how thimply, thimply beastly. Horwible Gideon wuined poor darling Candida's day at the posh people's beach. This must be the worst thing to have ever, ever happened since Sebastien got blackballed from the Bwasenose College May Ball Committee in 1987. I thimply must write about it in my next column in the Guardian.

Mrs Blogs said...

acker bilk! (did i spell that right?)

knew it rang a bell ...or a clarinet/oboe? (not quite sure of my instruments)
...surely Ms McCarthy you are wayyyyy too young to remember this ...but hats (self-knitted) off to you for appreciating it.