Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The road humps are growing!

Entertaining conversation with my colleague from Islington, Emily Thornberry, while we were waiting for PMQs to start. (Incidentally if you want to spot the MP who are absolutely obsessed with 'getting their numbers up' on theyworkforyou, look for the English MPs who put down Qs at Scottish and Welsh Qs. And while we're on the subject, I think we have a winner as to who has the most people tracking him with 489 - more than Gordon and Cameron combined. But they won't be getting many email alerts).

Anyway, back to Emily, who has made the 'shocking' discovery that some of the road humps in her constituency are above the legal height limit. They should be no more than 10cm high, and some are 15-17cm high. I have visions of her lying prostrate in the streets of Barnsbury, ruler in hand.

The (Lib Dem) council has responded by saying that the humps were originally the correct height but 'they've grown'. And that they're on the side of pedestrians and cyclists, who want safer streets, and not the side of the "Jeremy Clarksons and Emily Thornberrys" of this world who presumably want everyone to race round the streets of Islington at 140mph in Ferraris. Without their seatbelts on.

So... that would be the Emily Thornberry who chairs the All-Party Cycling Group and cycles to Westminster every day, would it? Still, never let the facts, etc, etc.

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