Saturday, 18 October 2008


Going to be lots of blogs today, as having got up at 7am to do BBC Radio Bristol, I am not fit to do much other than crash on the sofa with my laptop. While I was waiting for the call from the radio station (wasn't quite mad enough to volunteer to go into the studio at that time of day) I ended up channel-hopping between qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix (Lewis, try not to blow it tomorrow, please...) and a fantastic BBC kids programme about a zoo, called Roar. Great as it was, I doubt if I'll be getting up at 7am next week to watch it, so if anyone can tell me whether Duds the tiger recovers from her peritonitis, please let me know!

The pic above is completely unrelated, but I had to get it in somewhere... cute and sad at the same time, in that you know it just can't last. For more pics, see here.

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