Friday, 3 October 2008

A promise

In another bid to change the subject, tomorrow is the End Child Poverty "Keep the Promise" rally/ march in London and I will be there. Not quite sure if the reshuffle means that Tony McNulty is now the minister in charge, if he is, I hope he doesn't scare the children too much. (Most bizarre parliamentary sketch I ever read was one which said Tony spoke like Barbara Windsor; he said he didn't get it either).

I have done an online interview with on the subject, which you can read if you like.


Glenn Vowles said...

Yes Terry of course it was a joke -keep up mate!! My tongue was firmly in my cheek!

I'm beginning to wonder if someone is making you up! Can you be real?

Kerry said...

Admit it Glenn, you're growing quite attached to him too.

And I'd settle for Copacabana over Ummagumma any day!

Terry said...


You didn't understand the joke, if you did, you won't mind telling all what was meant. Surely a couple of days thinking should have provided the answer.

Terry said...


A headline today mentioned smokers costing the NHS 2.7 billion in smoking related diseases, although they donate 9 billion.

Now Govt will bail out SPIVS by donating 50 billion of taxpayers money. The SPIVS will live in luxury forever, the taxpayers will pay for their greed. A MONSTROSITY. This is madness personified.