Saturday, 18 October 2008

My week - Wednesday

Wednesday: Early start, with a 7am radio interview about Community at Heart, east Bristol's New Deal for Communities scheme. Interviewer threw me a bit of a googly in asking me what was my favourite fish and chip shop in Bristol. I don't do fish!

Even in pre-veggie days, apart from tinned salmon at my Aunt Shirley's after Sunday school and cod balls. I was the one who always had to have sausage when we had fish and chips by the seaside or when it was fish fingers for tea. My poor Mum ended up with two vegans, one occasionally veggie/ Rastafarian who wouldn't eat dried fruit (something to do with the Bible and not letting grapes wither on the vine) or mushrooms (because they're weird), another who would leave the room if she could smell curry, and another who have a tantrum if she was served 'vegetarian muck'. And the other one, who as far as I can recall, liked fry-ups. The other vegan also went through a phase of keeping a huge fungus thing in a bucket under the sink and drinking the vile-smelling juice. For 'health reasons'.

I digress, as ever, and it's still only 7am. Next stop was a breakfast meeting of the all-party group on Wholesale Financial Markets. I'm vice chair and always feel honour bound to attend as I'm the only Labour MP who does. Today's discussion was on Sovereign Wealth Funds (e.g. by China in Africa) and was actually very interesting.

9.30am, met with a representative of the Archbishop of Liverpool to discuss his six year campaign to raise attention to the problems of children whose parents end up in prison. I've been skirting round the edges of this issue for years, as a councillor and then as an MP, collecting material for a debate, and it's great to find that someone else has done so much groundwork. I was unsuccessful in getting a debate on this last time I tried, but will have another go.

Then brief spell in office, then PMQs with Harriet and Hague, then popped into an Usdaw launch of their 'Respect for Shopworkers' campaign, then an interview for Original FM about the Bill committee, then Bill Committee again for a few hours - I intervened on the Tories, I think, but can't remember for the life of me what it was about - then made the last hour of a Keep the Promise child poverty event, with Bev Hughes speaking. Always good to catch up with folks from CPAG, Save the Children, the Children's Society, and End Child Poverty, and came away with another list of things to do.

No votes today, but stayed in office till about 9pm, finally getting a chance to look at emails and post.

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