Saturday, 18 October 2008

My week - Monday

Mad, just mad. Spoke seven times in Parliament, a deluge of emails and correspondence, lots of media, early starts every day and sleepless nights through simply not being able to switch off.

: Was lucky to get in twice at DCSF Qs, raising Ed's visit to Brunel Academy (does he think they're great, yes he does) and the Keep the Promise campaign rally. This meant gambling on being just a little bit late for the DFID team meeting with Douglas and our new Ministers, Ivan Lewis and Michael Foster. Then raced back from DFID (which is miles away) to PPS for an hour and a half in an FCO debate on human rights and democracy...

Things calmed down a little bit later and actually managed to take advantage of the one-line whip to head to Covent Garden for a curry, only to be interrupted as the food arrived by a text saying that the Home Sec would be making a statement at 8.30pm. Didn't have to go back, but obviously something exciting was going on, so jumped in a cab and got there in time for her to announce that 42 days was basically being shelved. (Literally, in that a separate draft bill will be placed in the library, for resurrection should circumstances require).

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