Thursday, 30 October 2008

It's Thursday so it must be Popbitch

I am deliberately not saying anything about the Russ and Ross debacle, as I think there's nothing worse than MPs jumping on any passing bandwagon for the sake of garnering some cheap publicity. Speaking of which....

"Replace Jonathan Ross's show with Fawlty Towers as a mark of respect for the actor Andrew Sachs" - Tory MP Philip Davies.

Also from this week: Why White Supremacists Support Obama.


Anonymous said...

You could swim against the tide of tedious conservative convention and start a 'RUSSELL BRAND IS INNOCENT: REINSTATE HIM NOW!'campaign.

I'd support you.

(Ross should go though. He's a boring tosser with no talent)

Kerry said...

Innocent of what? You could argue that there has been a massive over-reaction sparked by the media frenzy. (Only two complaints when the show was first aired). But although instinctively I would have liked to be on his side, I think it was pretty unpleasant for them to talk about a woman on air like that. The rest of it was obviously just silliness.

Kerry said...

PS I'm sure there's a Facebook group starting up even as we speak.

Glenn Vowles said...

'I am deliberately not saying anything about the Russ and Ross debacle...'

You have now Kerry!